2. Hey kid, would you like to play?


How can we start the journey on earth?
How can we go into battle and not lose
our bearings?
How do we bridge the gap
between the world we left behind
and the one we came to find?
But, of course, we play and we play
until we can't play any more.
The energy of the game and the carefree spirit
collects the building material of light within us
so that we can build,  
a strong spiritual body later on,
a strong human being.

Often, while we play we lose all earthly feeling,
we become distracted from our earthly present
and slip ever so gently into a world
of pure energy.
That's how we carry the well-being of the ethereal to earthly life every now and then ...


Child's play familiarizes us
with the roles we will embody later on
in life, and helps us
draw the roles we have chosen for this life
from our existential memory.
Ah, our wish is to remember this when we grow up
and find our way easily...    

Kids, these are just roles, don't go crazy,
and above all don't identify with these!
I will be the child you'll be the mother,
I will be poor you'll be rich,
picture this ... Life patterns strictly defined
for us to work on the lessons of our lives;
roles are common to us all
and are not that important;
what counts, kids, is the interpretation,
just like an actor.
Whoever places his soul
in a unique and free interpretation,
whatever role he chooses,
will be the favourite of all.


Moral Ethics will emerge for the first time
during child's play;
the internal need for moral character
will arise, i.e. for evolution:
we insist on fair play.
Because our soul knows that there is only
One road and it will be opened only
to the eyes of those who wish to seek Good.

Even if we are tempted
to cheat a little, we will suffer
from our bad choices;
the universe, however, forgives and during
this same experience, we will learn the lesson.
Isn't this the way that things will happen
in our lives tomorrow or the day after? ...