8. How great to have friends!


The purpose of friendship is the exchange
of energy and feelings.
And how useless and sad it is to spend our energy if it's not addressed towards a friend
or based on our hope of making a friend!
At some point, we'll reach a stage of not thinking of "I" but of "we", and then we'll be ready
to return Home.

In difficult moments, when darkness shadows
the tracks on the road, you'll always find a friend
to light the way and invigorate your soul.
No, we're not afraid of our feelings ...
It's like suicide to abandon our emotional life.
We are people who feel,
who intensely experience whatever happens to us,
and this is what we identify with life.
Besides, that's why we underwent so much trouble to come to Earth!


We show understanding towards the negative attitudes of friends, because we know the power
material things has over humans.
We're waiting for their hearts to speak to them
and, at some point in time, to find what we ourselves have also found - the priceless treasures of Love ...