17. "The unhappiest rich man in the world"


Children, we shall not lose
our Memory,
we shall not let the hunting
of material goods drive us crazy.
Look at how matter shaped Scrooge's character...
He himself admits it that
"he is the unhappiest rich man
in the world"!

Matter enslaves our soul ...
it is misery, it is a jail to think that you will be here forever,
or that all will end in this life,
and not to have the horizon infinite and open before your eyes...



The truly happy man
is totally indifferent to material possessions.
And here we are on our wanderings, where we also discover a world where money does not serve anything.
If we want we can create such a world on Earth too.

We shall still inhabit the Earth then, but shall be living, free and happy in Heaven.




Could it ever be possible that Scrooge become generous?
Well ... there is always a first time for everything!
We are ready for the surprise, the unexpected,
the twist and turn. Precisely, because we are free
to come around at the very last minute!
Who called Scrooge a miser?
Who characterized?
Who classified?
Who put labels?
And now what does he have to say to Scrooge,
who mocks us for our impertinence?