23. At the end of the rainbow there is a pot of gold!!


This is how we travel through
the vast universe
"easily and unerringly":
The one who guides us
projects a light
like a laser beam;
our souls coordinate
with the wave band of this light,
so we flow along in its direction.

We must be careful here not to miss something:
Gyro gets busy with inventions only when he is going to solve a problem.
We busy ourselves with Metaphysics only to facilitate life in its earthly framework, and for no other reason.

Gyro's brilliant conception reveals
the great truth about the course
of evolution of the universe.

Convergences, unification, clustering, are the words that characterize the course of souls and the universe. Human souls which have loved each other unite, as atoms unite in molecules and stars in groups of galaxies.
Metaphorically speaking, experienced actors, having played and tested themselves in all roles, form companies with other colleagues of corresponding frequency. People's friendship, that is to say their unification, gives the group more power and capability to act. That which we know from the Earth, it is self understood that it applies in Heaven
as well.
This is how we go on "at a micro molecule level" until the final Unification.