July 11, 1998


Beloved disciple, instead of the situation of your friend making you "feel down", think of how you can improve it for the both of you, with prayer. Tune in to the high vibrations, and send to her too. So, you will both feel better and avert the danger of acts of panic or pessimism.

The role of truth may often be ambiguous. Truth does not always help, when it is said with cruelty or even with the intention to hurt or belittle the person. Therefore, with friends it is advisable to keep silent, when we feel that they are not ready for the truth, and try to prepare them internally, with prayer and silent revelation. After all, the role of friendship is not to make decisions for them, but to guide them little by little to the Light. A violent revelation of the truth can lead to the opposite results, just like sudden exposure to the sunlight for someone who comes from darkness can put his vision in danger.

I spoke to you about the concept of the Universe the day before yesterday.

Every cell in the human body is "soaked" with man's personality, and no matter how vast the distances that separate these cells are – proportionately –, they all "know" that they work for the same volition, with a common goal and a common plan. The same too goes for man, who can simultaneously be the whole but also every cell separately, he can feel as a unit but also as an individual organ or member, and he has the power to act as one, but he can also act separately and influence one cell or a group of cells (just as, for instance, in the case of the self-cure of cancer). And inside this – human – being, you cannot locate where it is exactly and what exactly it is that gives the identity and the "face" to man, because this exists in every partial segment, but at the same time nowhere in a tangible way.

If you contemplate this truth, you may be able to better comprehend the concept of God. Because man was created in the image of God and is evolving in His likeness. Man inside God's Body is the cell which has the same volition as the One, but acts in an organized way in the Whole and at the same time is entrusted with a different life plan.

God is the One and the Whole, the actually Existent Being. The Being is the Universe, which was born from the Unit, just like the fetus is born from the Unit and grows out of its inner powers, or in other words, it expands in Time-Space.

Man's History can be sought in the history of the natural Universe or the biological cell. Because the cell retains in its memory the knowledge of the truth of its origin and its course, as well as of its "identity", just like man.

Go in peace and do not forget all that you know.

The Son