August 28, 1998


Today I'll tell you a fairytale, which may remind you of someone you know … (he means "The Alchemist").

"Once, someone set out to find a treasure. He sold his fortune, got lost in pathways, paused at stopping places, and at some point in time he found himself in a desert. He stopped there at an oasis and everybody recognized him as wise and gifted. The voice that had led him was telling him to continue, but he was faced with the dilemma whether to keep everything he already had – which indeed was not little – or obey. He could make the voice silence forever, little by little it would fade, and he would live quietly and peacefully …"

You can make the voice silence, if you want, you can stop believing it, live quietly and peacefully. However, you should know that this Voice never betrayed you, never misled you, because it was the voice of your Self, and whatever it said was none other than what your heart wanted. The road that opened in front of you was the road you yourself wanted. Nobody can determine your way but you. So make the Voice silence, but then you will know within yourself that you've stopped at the oasis forever.

These words that reached the paper were those that your heart defined, and in these words it was not others speaking, because nobody would have the right to decide for you. If you want now you can change plans, but do not deny your Self and do not muzzle its Voice.

"Then, the brave young man decided to continue towards his treasure. He let the Voice free to lead him again and went out to confront the Desert. He wouldn't accept anything less than his treasure and wouldn't stop before he had found it."

Nobody fails except if he stops claiming what he desires or if he quits before he finds it. Remember that the Universe conspires in order to help the one who continues on the road of the heart.

"He managed to make the wind his ally, he managed to escape from the bandits – he achieved the unachievable "because he believed that he wanted to go on". He was scared and disappointed. And those things which he did not solve, God sent to him again, in order to help him solve them."

Don't abandon the struggle. Your heart has decided and you must accept it, simply and clearly. Listen to the Voice, because it is none other than your Self that talks to you about this matter. Don't stop at the oasis, because the oasis is not the final destination. Go out on the road, determined and sure that you'll find the way to tame the north wind or be saved from the bandits, when the time comes for it.

Even if you doubt, do not stop. This is the moment for you to claim that which you want, and you'll stop only when you reach your treasure.

The Son