January 24, 1999


Replace the images within yourself and then you will see the world changing. What man experiences, is what he produces internally truly regardless of what is happening outside him. The aim of self-knowledge, as was already known to your ancient ancestors, was exactly to steer man towards recognizing the "product" of his soul. If the world has a chance of changing, this is only by changing "what comes out" – here I remind you of another reference in Jesus' words on the same issue.

People think that what is realized every moment of their life, is the only existing thing. They are unaware that, irrelevant to whether they materialize one facet in the specific moment, they themselves are all facets, and naturally they can materialize another facet. The problem with linear time is that the facets are manifested linearly, meaning successively and not simultaneously, holistically. This perception makes people identify with every phase and not expand themselves mentally to the understanding of the flow, which anyway constitutes a law of general life, for instance the succession of day and night, of the seasons, etc. It is as if someone stops the projection of a movie and stays in the frozen frame.

In life, the movie is determined by you. You must simply choose the shots, the frames you wish, and "run" them: then you will be living the script you have chosen.

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The Son