May 12, 1999


I'd like to talk to you a bit about the nature of faith, because it's an issue around which great misunderstandings occur. People sometimes consider faith identical to blind obedience to something, which they place higher than their self for functional reasons, and which they hand over to an authority. This, of course, has no relation at all to true faith: it simply constitutes a transference of responsibilities, an unwillingness to shoulder the responsibility of life, and a transference of undertaking the initiative of actions and opinions. And, consequently, such a situation draws man away from the Self, it does not converge towards it, hence it does not lead to the elevation towards God. What meaning could such a feeling of "faith" have when in reality it holds man stagnant and doesn't evolve him?

True faith doesn't exist beforehand, it doesn't predetermine decisions, because predestined decisions don't leave room for the heart to come forth, to move towards its desires, to walk on its way. The man who is alienated from his heart's voice, loses track of the Self and of God. True faith leads exactly to this voice, and leaves the horizon clear and boundless in front of our eyes. It has neither specific ways, nor compulsory steps. But it knows that whoever moves towards his self, he does not know fear, because regardless of the course, the destination is secured. And when the mind intellectually touches this destination, the soul feels the calmness and tranquility of Paradise. Paradise is the symbol of man's identification with the Self, the first symbolic picture of the One, the coexistence of the outside and the inside.


Who is that "master" who has not himself gone through what he teaches? Who is the one that has not struggled to gain, before advising how to struggle? Even God Himself, the Being of the beings, chose Life for His self-realization. The Creator himself permeated his Creation to re-cognize himself. Your life is the confirmation of Life. Whatever it brings before you is what will remind you of the truth and the path of the return to Being. That is why you shouldn't identify with Having, because having is the means through which being is realized.

So, true Faith is self-knowledge; the distinction of the being from the process of its self-realization. In other words, the belief of not identifying with the flow, but the uplifting of the Self above the flow (motion) to the point of the eternal and unchangeable being. When man feels this situation, then before his "eyes" all the trials of life are transformed into variations of the same substance. Through these he redefines His Self and identifies it with the Eternal and Timeless and Apathetic and Unchangeable. Even the removal of existence eventually leads to the one and only category of the One Being - because it is defined through Its opposite also, as for example, Matter and Anti-Matter finally define Hyper-matter.

True Faith is the awareness of actually being.

The Son