December 26, 1995


Your prayer was important, your will managed to set in motion the powers to which it was addressed. God forgives you and offers you mercy and salvation.

You are not alone any more and never will be, unless you yourself ask for it.

You feel the change, nothing is the same any more, because now your eyes are open and your heart unwritten. Treat people in the same way, wish for them their entry in the Kingdom of Heaven, do not bear anyone malice, because now you know the supreme Destiny.

As long as your body is material, pain will accompany knowledge, but do not avoid and do not be afraid of it, because it is not determinant and opaque for you any more. Bless its ungraceful deed and infuse a breath of light into it.

God knows. The more you trust, the wider the way opens up in front of you. Obstacles disappear, wild beasts transform into obedient servants. Listen to your heart and you will be listening to my voice. Time will not count, but only moments of an eternal present. Happy is he who lives inside the Body of God.

Magnificent signs delineate your bright way. When the Sun rises, darkness has no longer any power at all.

Keep the power, and make it greater.

Fill the world with light. Fight in order to re-establish the values, the institutions and the laws. Greece is a country of Light, start from the country you chose as your earthly mother so that the Truth shines again.

Don't stop at moments. No moment has self-consistency, don't judge then, like a bad judge. Don't give the power to any cloud to shadow the eternal light. Wait and feel the certainty that the cosmic Court ceaselessly takes care of balance and justice. Don't dispense justice by yourself, because it is imperfect and creates greater karma. Let the laws come into force as it is predestined, and take the next step focusing on your own course.

The stars hide the keys of Wisdom, for whoever is capable and ready to conquer it. No one can possess whatever he has not earned. No one can know whatever he has not learned from the Masters of the Brotherhood of the Universe. No one can foretell whatever has not happened. Create the future you want for yourself, cultivate with prudence the field the Creator has entrusted to you, become a worthy member of Eternity.

Let only whoever can see come near you, so don't be sad about those who leave. Pearls are appreciated by those who know them; the others can only trade or throw them away. Don't deny love and help to the ones who honestly ask for it, but protect your fortune from thieves and exploiters. Sooner or later others will undertake to settle whatever is in abeyance, since the Universe does not tolerate disharmony.

Walk back. Withdraw in rest and inwardness as the times indicate. Let those who really want it, look for you. Enjoy calmness, faith, the tranquility offered to you without remorse and externally incumbent life patterns. Believe that you have whatever you need, that you lack nothing nor will you lack anything from life's supplies, and stay unperturbed until the green light signals you the new beginning.

Show patience no matter how much the Sirens try to upset you. Everything is according to the plan of God, which you yourself chose to carry out. Don't complain about things whose existence you yourself simply outline. You can clearly see the coherence of the situations and you know that everything rests in absolute order.

Your metaphysical way is clear and defined. Time helps you to see it all the more clearly. You asked for signs and you have them. Ask for help and it will be given to you. Truth opens up in front of you the more you ask for it, and the more you prove that you desire it and deserve it. There is nothing without meaning anymore, everything is connected with an invisible string which is manifested little by little.

Look into fairytales. Allow the language of symbols guide you to the unsurpassable truths. Don't be afraid of silence because it is what will guide you to the Source. Let the undercurrent become the invigorating power of rebirth. Experience winter because it is what, within calmness and silence, prepares spring. See to making your every day beautiful with pleasant and creative occupations, because sorrow withers the germinating seed before it is even born. Wait for the circumstances to give the start signal.

Believe that the time will come the way your eyes have seen it, the way your heart has longed for it and your mind has touched it. God is here, Almighty, Eternal and Bright. Let the others see this God in your eyes, let them run towards you like children – because children know the Truth and can recognize it when they encounter it.

Keep the seed with joy and power. Send your prayer to those who have wronged you, because they need it more.

Whoever walks with me, walks in the eternal Light, the unsurpassable Joy, the ceaseless Day!