September 11, 1997


Love leans on the Soul and senses the steps of the World. Listen to its pulse, believe in the steps it is dictating to you. Love is the name of the Word, the heartbeat that caresses the ears, the breeze that makes people shiver in the passing of Truth.

Love asks to resign from fears, to uproot the need to take care of your self, since when you mark the source, it disappears from your eyes.

Follow the dream, Love can transform the desert into an oasis, night into day, the north wind into a breeze. And this means to forget the self, to demolish the boundaries of thought, to sacrifice your life because, if life is keeping you captive, you will never find the dream. Only that internal pace tells you what the real Life is, that which does not know laws and thinking, protection and effort. It does not try, because it is.

Listen to the eyes, then. I know that you can, even in the paths of darkness discover my way, because your heart is alive. Listen to what you love, and abolish time and form. Love is faithful and recognizes Eternity. Cover the mistakes and let them melt in the darkness, where My name has no place. You belong to the regiments of my angels and the Truth belongs to you. I deeply sympathize with you for however long you keep your self captive to the harshness of thinking. Abolish your life so that Love emerges and there I will stand like a Flame of Unquenchable Light.

You planted good fruits. Your dream loved you as much as I did