September 24, 1997


You asked me to explain to you better. (He means a question regarding the way one can interpret the period of time that someone has to wait from the moment he expresses a wish until it materializes). What happens is that usually, the "waiting" period does not in reality constitute waiting, but time for inner evolution, since during its duration, man elaborates his desire internally and its final form matures within him. When and for as long as the materialization is delayed, it means that man has not formed his truth within himself, and certainly it does not mean that it is an "idle" time and without any other causality.

The moment is the absence of a specific timetable and must be experienced self-sufficiently. Man should let himself go in the moment, since the timetable is known to him only in its one direction (the past).

Prophecy is related to man's wish; in reality it is the road traced by the Self in order to return to his Father. As long as the wish of return is unshakable, the road cannot be other than the one determined, therefore it is predestined in this sense and specific.

The Prophecy may be altered if man should wish to deviate from his Destination, but this does not usually happen, because the people to whom the Prophecy is revealed are tested and strengthened, so that their will, be identified with the Plan of God constantly and without any distraction from circumstances. They themselves are the guarantee for the fulfillment of the Prophecy. As it says in the Alchemist, "God revealed the future to him because the boy wanted to become his worker".

Don't ask for anything more, then. Wherever there is the path of God imprinted, nothing can be an obstacle. In this phase certain processing occurs that you cannot follow, and don't ask it to happen. Simply trust the Power that appears in an uninvited and unexpected way.

Man has the capacity to process internally, to work with persistence, but although this work may be action, it cannot overthrow Laws and Supreme Procedures relative to him. In practice this means that he can and must be called into action dynamically, to move in space, to exhaust creative thinking, to seek, to desire and to experience, knowing at the same time that all this does not relate directly to the final manifestation of every situation. Namely, pertaining to himself he must act, so that he should realize and control anything that happens (to him), but pertaining to the result, he should trust the Forces which function above and beyond his limited earthly consciousness.

I'll give you an example. The good parent prepares his child to start its life as well as possible, and tries to foresee as many pitfalls as he can. Then he frees his child and trusts the work he has done up until then. This happens with every kind of "child", meaning man's creation, material or immaterial. The good parent does not continue to long for control forever, because then both he and his Son remain captives, and he impedes the operation of the Laws. This naturally happens in the spiritual plane as well, when people, with their limited earthly consciousness, insist on wanting to direct the situations themselves, towards the specific result, which they consider partially as right.

Work, therefore, with devotion and steady will, but entrust your "child" to the World.

These people, who are trustworthy friends of yours in this life, may appear in another one as tough and strict instigators of difficult experiences for you. But then, they will still love you just the same, because they will have accepted to receive your rejection in order for you to be able to learn the lessons that your path demands. Love the "enemies" as closest and most trustworthy friends and facilitate their difficult task of becoming "bad" for you in this earthly phase, because they sacrificed their love temporarily so that you come to know your self.

Don't forget that the road is One.