February 2, 1998


Man functions within an energy spectrum. We could liken it to a musical octave. If he constantly remained on one note, life would be monotonous, but also tiring, since movement ensures the successive functioning of all the muscle, nervous, mental systems and their successive deactivation-relaxation. Within the eternity of the Universe, the spiral evolution-alteration safeguards the normal development of life. Look back to the universal laws, and you will find the wisdom there. Do not seek, a standstill in an emotion or a situation, then, because this contravenes the laws of Harmony. You must be ready to follow the changes, to flow into things, with the certainty of a fish when it lets itself go freely with the sea's currents. When you feel melancholy, do not always look for some logical reason: you may simply have to vibrate on a different "note" of the universal scale, so that your body loosens up; simply experience every moment as you feel it, without trying to blackmail emotions; yet, as you know, emotion is the most genuine expression of the connection with the Universal Soul.

Do not connect the things happening within yourself with the causes for their appearance which are found externally. Individuals act as chemical catalysts, but they must not be charged with the responsibility for the reactions. Everything that happened concern you exclusively and uniquely – and would not have happened if you were different. Now you are different, that's why you see things having changed. Materialization does not have to be direct and visible, because the capacity has already been activated at a spiritual level: when the idea is activated, then matter can obey any time; for instance if the electrical installation has been completed, then turning on the light is a matter of one second, by simply pressing the switch. The installation, therefore, of the idea is important and is not judged by the materialization on a purely material – earthly – level.

The Son