February 27, 1998


I once came into this life and tried to show the Way of Truth to the people. You can understand the anguish of the realization, the anguish of My Soul, when these people, for whom I had accepted to be "imprisoned" in the chains of Matter – and what's more knowing the inevitable - were unfaithful to My words or did not manage to hear them at all. However, I struggled to plant the seed in the barren soil as well as in the more fertile, I accepted Fate without complaint, hiding the unbearable pain of Solitude inside My Love for all those who were not following Me. And I continued to show them the Way, outdoing My Self who asked for Redemption. I continued talking to them, forgetting the grief of Uniqueness. And I forgave them while I was suffering the most cruel pain, the pain provoked by the strike of the beneficiary to the benefactor. But my Word was saying that Love is long suffering, does not ask for itself, no matter how much it may be suffering through the ignorance of the others.

I know it is difficult, simply because I have experienced it. I know how deeply you feel that what is happening is unfair or that it is futile to continue your course. And I also know that your heart is too bright to tolerate the shadows and too strong to turn a deaf ear to the Truth I send you.

You will continue your way until the end, where the Lord's Angels will receive you and lead you to His throne. I will be your Guide and healer until the end of days, for you to lay down the burden and rest.

I am the Light and the Way.

Beloved, souls that love never separate from each other.