34. The day when the Masters appeared


January 2002. We were at my friend's house talking. At the same time I was looking at her aura, as it happens automatically now. So far things were familiar.

Suddenly, I saw something that I observed for the first time and it made quite an impression to me. On her right, and completely separate from her, I noticed the outlines of three bodies made of platinum light. It was clear that they were ethereal forms. The middle one was a little bigger. We can say that they stood still, shoulder to shoulder and were looking at us. I felt the need to welcome them.

Have I finally seen our guides, our Masters? Who have I seen? The future will tell. I have confirmed to myself as well that the invisible space is full of presences, friend-guards who are near us; they literally watch us, listen to us and help us.

Shortly afterwards I felt an inner certainty that I had actually seen the Masters. My conviction was also strengthened by a coincidence: in Barbara Brennan's book "Hands of Light" I found the presentation of such corresponding forms. The actual depiction of this book that I show at the bottom, presents the ethereal bodies of guides and it's very close to the image I saw myself.