1. Is this Earth? Here we are!

As free and fulfilled souls we sweep the universe ...

Where will we go today? Wherever we want!
When will we reach our destination?
Right now, it's just a thought away.
So what speed are we traveling at?
The speed is automatic: we beam ourselves up!

What's in front of me?
I can't believe my eyes, it's so beautiful!
Unsurpassable beauty!
Only the soul's eyes can look directly
at the light without going blind;
this is super vision!
And what's more, whoever sees everything,
knows exactly what to do,
every minute of every day,
and wins all the battles.


The range of sounds I can hear is unlimited.
Endless frequencies, with different hues,
qualities, intensity, strength and colour.
Voices of beloved beings ...
It's enough for me to tune into their frequency.
What a super range of sound this is
that my super hearing hears!


Here's a way to see the Earth from here,
with a field of holograms around it,
i.e. columns of light, which create the impression
that something has physical dimensions.


We cross space from one end to the other ...
Attention! attention! "the non-existing tunnel"!
When we're speeding,
the light builds up dark shadows because of our speed.
So, it is always lighter in front of us,
it looks as if a bright light is always shining
somewhere in front of us, wherever we go,
so the sense of a tunnel is created.

So, from greatness we are back to basics ...
because it is time for us to penetrate the earth's density
and be born as humans ...
Comrades, here's to a good incarnation and a good Return! ...
Agh! Now we have to leave all this and get ourselves together ... inside a body, slow, heavy,
made of dense energy, with a pile of restrictions. No more super hearing. No more super vision.
So, here on Earth, at best we could catch ... short sightedness ...
But still, we love adventure and difficult contests and that's why we landed here to explore our Self.
We left the world of infinity and the unlimited movement, but it's worth it.
The benefit from the earthly journey will be great.

Starting with incarnation, the energy feeds us until one day we've grown like a weed!
We lock the Reality of our existence and our homeland in our Imagination,
so that flashes spark out every time we need it.
It relieves us to hear people speak about this, like Disney for instance,
but we remember it like a dream, because the moment the sirens of our birth were heard,
a black-out was imposed.
Life on earth is no joke ...
It requires all our powers to be vigilant,
to be on constant alert, and have our undivided attention to get by ...

And we will.

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