4. It's a long way

Everything begins with these words!
As eternal and imperishable souls,
our adventurous nature
demands we explore the last corner
of our inner universe, to reach the end!
On the ship, sailing to the remotest destinations,
we reach the furthest specks on the map.
The driving force of the universal Creativity,
that directs our life to our complete development ...
the reunification in the divine Body, is found within ourselves ...


Does the treasure we seek really exist?
And how do we picture it?
Since we continuously evolve,
don't our desires change too?
Let's enjoy the enthusiasm of the adventure
and let's not seek any treasure
because it is still invisible to our eyes.
At the end of our journey ...
we will receive what we no longer ask for:
the treasure was always in front of our eyes
but we thought it was just an empty space.


During our wanderings, deep within us nostalgia simmers,
for our homeland and our love and everything
that we left behind in order to come to Earth.
And of course, the reward for the warrior
who successfully completed his mission,
is to return Home.

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