5. Who's at the wheel?

Really, on such an important
and difficult trip here on Earth,
who takes the wheel?
The best guide ever for our explorations,
day and night, is within us: Conscience!
This speaks continuously,
doesn't order or instruct.
We listen whenever we want!
Such freedom!
We can even get angry with it.


If our Conscience was to give only one piece of advice, this would be:
«spiritual discipline conquers matter and frees the spirit».
It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears as well as time
for someone to harmonise their life with God's Plan ...
He'll fall and rise uncountable times until he feels
that his life is consistent with the Laws of universal Harmony...
As we said, there is no rush ! For us, discipline is a pleasure:
we enjoy living in harmony with the rhythms of the universe ...
just like when we are dancing!
We go with the rhythm and leave ourselves free.


The universe is strict and tolerant at the same time;
we know that it gives many opportunities. That's why,
we should remember, kids, that Conscience contains only what
we have lived through. That's how we know what we know.
If we haven't gone through it yet, then we can't know it.
We have to experience this ourselves, not through other people.
If we remember this, we'll show tolerance to our young friend
who stole because he didn't know it was wrong.
So we should understand and not judge.
If we ignore this we will become aggressive and harsh
towards something that tomorrow could happen to us.
You'll see further along what happened to Scrooge
because he didn't know something that he thought he knew ...

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