6. Is this the way for the path of happiness?

Are we little gods or is God little kids?
Since we have a common dream,
the dream of everybody on Earth: to become a small creator,
to create out of "no-thing", to "invent", just as God did.
So, that's why the "Mayor's" wish was for his people
to have more inspiration and free thought.
Because we will create a world within us when we realize
that the meaning of our existence lies within creation.
That is the only way.


Where is the perfect place to create our garden?
Obviously, at the cross-roads of Hope and Faith street:
in this energy frequency we coordinate
with the divine vibrations.
This is where every devilish thought
and interfering parasite is erased -
«the crows will never think of coming here!» -
it's like listening to a radio station
that sounds crystal-clear.
Try it!


So now we have found peace within ourselves,
it's only natural to love others as well.
Wherever our heart feels good,
this is the right path for us,
and this path passes through
peace, friendship and trust!

The luxury of the soul, we could even call it extravagance,
is to enjoy life's pleasures: sun, juice and ... happy music!
Only our soul knows what it's gone through on earth;
anxieties and disillusions that were necessary
to go through in order to enjoy a simple juice!
That means we have secured peace within us,
and divine serenity, otherwise the gifts the universe sends
fall on deaf ears and go by unnoticed.


Each one of us finds the path of happiness by himself.
He creates it as he travels along it.
He carves out his footprint and then steps onto it.
We are both hikers and trackers at the same time.
We re-discover what we already know.
When the command to walk the path is awakened within us,
then at the end of it we shall reach happiness,
in our own unique way.

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