7. Mirror, mirror on the wall ...

Where shall we address
the "fundamental question" of our life?
In our magic mirror of course, which is our Self.
It indeed has the answers: before we reach Earth,
we locked this knowledge and wisdom deep within us,
in the depths of our ocean, and when it's necessary,
like the small fish the answers jump out at us
into our heart and mind.

And so, the conflicts are fictitious,
created by the mirrors and not our souls!
Mirrors distort, exaggerate and fool us.
In reality, we won't collide even if we want to
because the courses of our lives run parallel.
And imagine sometimes we think that
this collision with our friend will last "an eternity"
when in fact the collision does nοt exist!
This is another imaginary fear of our mind.
So, let's crush it the way it deserves! ...


Do you know why we always come across the person
that annoys us most?
Because the "enemy" carries a message to us
and tries to deliver it every time we meet, ...
by bugging us! He is also a mirror
that reflects some of our own unresolved issues.
Otherwise, he would be indifferent to us.
So we see him in the mirror,
expressing our thoughts as if they were his own.
In this way, he reminds us of the work we have to do
on our self and forces us to deal with it.
Even though he's a dislikeable character, keep him!
One day you'll need him!

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