11. Waterproofing and Insulation:
"ANGER Ltd".

The biggest energy nightmare that has ever threatened the planet!
Kids, stay away from anger, because it isolates us in a dense cloud,
it blinds us and makes us resistant to positive energy and good thoughts.
Anger is scattered in the energy space around us and blackens our aura ...
If anger triumphs in you, the aura glows like an electrified halo
that immediately devours whatever light we had in us up until then.


Let's say we mess up some time
and we fail to restrain our energy thunders.
We quickly divert the River flow of Anger -
we won't allow it to destroy the seeds
we have taken such great pains to sow,
since we indeed know how to sooth
our mind and body.
Luckily we'll always have, the wise,
ancient method of yoga under our belt ...


But it's not only anger.  It's tension too.
Look what can happen to a person out of the blue.
A moment can change your whole life.
That very common scenario this time was plotted for Scrooge ...

When we judge our fellow human being's situations
without understanding, it means that we are
in total ignorance of the subject.
And it's a fact that whatever we don't know,
life will assign to us so that we can learn from it.
Whenever we are over confident about something,
that's when we make our biggest mistake.
So, whatever we haven't resolved, God will send back
to help us solve it.

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