12. I have a feeling ...

We don't hesitate to trust our instinct or our fellow humans,
despite their weaknesses, and we respect their struggle.
It's true, we spend so much energy
in order to protect ourselves from others!
And it's all in vain. What are we afraid of?
What can they do to us?
And they are as afraid of us as we are of them ...
As of today, we decide to take the first step:
we move first by sending the light of our souls to them.
We abort the poison of suspicion from our bodies
once and for all!


Intuition is the only moral element
which we can depend on;
it always leads us to the right places
and the right people. Our heart speaks through
our intuition and only our heart is connected
to the Essence of the universe
and instantly recognizes
the truth as soon as it encounters it.

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