13. From all the stars in the universe
I'm one of a kind!

We praise our uniqueness, as well as our neighbour's.
We learn from a very young age that the paths leading
to the desired result are innumerable ...
Each one of us is a part of God, unique and irreplaceable,
just like every star in the sky is exceptional and precious.
That's how we make a pretty garden, that's how we cultivate our soul.
Because God has entrusted us with our plot of land,
full of thorns and stones and we have to work to make it fertile and beautiful.
The way we know how to or the way we will learn.


We don't imitate, because the uniqueness of our existence
is a choice which we have the pleasure and responsibility
to develop.
With this uniqueness of ours we secure our unique
value within the universe.
Otherwise, we move in disharmony - how funny we look
when we dress in clothes that don't belong to us
and speak using others' ideas!
We get carried away by life plans that are valid
for other people and we disorientate our own course.  

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