18. What's the time Mr. Wolf?

Well, guys, Donald made a round trip to Atlantis in a few seconds. On the other hand, we need "many light years" to travel elsewhere. Finally what happens with the mystery of Time? Haven't you learned, it's been solved! Time does not exist, it is an earthly Fantasy! Time is us. Easy to say, difficult to make it your own and live with it. That is to say being in linear time and living in the infinite as well... Ah! I found an example: it's like when I play games on my computer; I live in two realities simultaneously, the virtual one, meaning the game and the other one, of my life ...

Journeys in Time - the return to the past
or the future - is something natural,
like the gates and secret passages
towards other universes.

Now that's magic!
Time and space is the same thing!
Here's how we can understand it:
I see in my dream that my friend passed the exams.
After a few days the results come out,
and the dream comes true!
Now, which of the two happened?
Did I expand in time and see something in the future
or did I expand in Space,
meaning that I went with my consciousness
where my friend is and so I found out?
Finally, could they possibly be the same?

Everything happens simultaneously.
Can we, therefore, see ourselves
as they were in the past, but also
as they will be in the future?

Everything happens within a single moment.
We have just come to Earth from the world of pure energy
and so we are more familiar with these realities than you, adults.
We, the children, bring the experience fresh;
adults get confused in the labyrinth of the mind.
Time is the moment, Time is eternity.
So, why not discover on the Earth of the 20th century
that there is a region that lives in the year 5000?
Besides, don't you think that everybody lives on Earth today?

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