19. What will tomorrow bring?

What meaning would life have if we knew what was going
to happen every single minute?
It would be the apotheosis of boredom.
How can we learn how to solve exercises at school,
if we know the answer beforehand?
That's why the "normal" person seeks the unforeseen.
This gives him the ability to create.
"The Law of the Unknown Future" is called the law people
are submitted to and no one must violate it, he can't do it anyway.

Nobody, no matter how great and strong he may be,
can rise above the divine Plan and determine fate by himself.
It's better to go along with life in harmony,
flow through things with the certainty a fish has,
when it lets itself go in the sea currents.

It is everything in life to know how to wait,
in order to act at the "right moment".
What does this mean?
Well, it's time to cross out another word
from our vocabulary: the word "difficult".
There is nothing difficult, there is no such concept.
Something seems difficult to us,
because the right moment for it to be realized has not arrived yet.
We have not understood that we should wait,
that it's not the time yet. Why should we force things?
It's as if we hit our head against the wall.
And it's never the wall's fault. When the right moment comes,
the hardest thing becomes the easiest, simple,
it happens almost by itself.

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