21. Be coool !!!

Pascal is furious with Fethry:
he sees one thing and reads another!

Children, the mind thinks everything
double ... as if it were drunk!

For everything that it thinks,
the opposite also applies.
Bits of knowledge sometimes
drive us crazy and the mind
confuses things even more.

That's why, we will acquire
as much knowledge as we want,
but we will filter it all
through the heart.

The heart will unite
all the "double things"...
Nobody else!


When do we say that "I have luck on my side" ?
When I hold with Good and Love, then I am tuned in
to the universal harmony, I flow together with the Plan of God,
and that's why my wishes come true immediately
because they coincide with what was to be done!
When you get to feel within yourself that you flow along,
then your premonitions and your wishes are the same thing!


We live with wisdom:
"I do whatever I have to do and let be done what must be done".
Therefore, we do not lose our courage, whatever may happen.
We start from scratch, but anyway
we do not lose anything, we cannot lose anything:
we found the material possessions here when we arrived
and we shall leave them here when we depart.
Therefore, the efforts to build and rebuild are exercises
of the soul concerning its evolution.
How many efforts must an athlete make to win
the gold medal?

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