24. "The Sky is ours!"

For a moment we are confused when we discover the rheumatic
cosmic rays
, because we have forgotten here on Earth.
Though humour - "do rays have rheumatic pains too?" -
together with the love for the quest of truth will do wonders.
Man is surprised when he discovers the obvious:
the energy from which he is built himself.
However, at the same time he enters the Path
of the knowledge of (him)Self.

Anyway, when we grow up, we shall be awakened and become
worthy explorers of our internal universe.


We are not alone in the universe, as we know well,
that's why we like to explore other planets;
we love adventure, otherwise ... we get bored.
By now we handle energy skilfully,
and so we easily create space-time passages,
we pass through the gate of the parallel worlds ...
Our consciousness is not restricted,
like the sea which has no direction
or restrictive boundaries.

Symbolically speaking, through the postman,
that is to say the one carrying the messages,
we make friendly visits to other planets.
It is equally natural and expected
that these elegant alien ladies come to Earth
to seek help.

Hey you children ... cool it! ...
Which planet do we belong to?
Because of the many trips,
we even unify the planets within ourselves.
Any country is my world,
any planet is my universe!
Since we are citizens of the universal cosmos,
what does it matter which planet we belong to?
Free Pass to the happy travelers of the universe.

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