28. Fear is like Time: it doesn't exist!

When we are on the path of God,
no human threat scares us.
The Force is constantly by our side,
and it protects us.
All the people have It, but only those
who know it or believe it, can be sure.
If you have hidden something you love
in the store room and after a while
forget that it's there,
then it is as if it does not exist for you ...
This is how God is. We all have Him
well kept within ourselves,
but if we do not remember it,
it seems as if we are alone.

Nobody can touch even one hair of our heads,
when God reigns within us. His beloved children have Him
alongside constantly, as their guard and assistant.


Even when we "enter" a panic crisis,
we try to control our behaviour:
we connect with the Source
and the truth that we know, meaning that
there is nothing that can really cause us fear.
Self control is so very important,
because when we are able to dominate
any situation, all natural forces will obey us
and we shall be able to heal the body as well.


Behold the greatness of the human soul and a superb way
to overcome our fear: even when we ourselves feel fear,
it's enough that a fellow human needs help ...
we immediately forget our own fear and jump to help him.
So we help him who feared and he helps us,
again for the same reason.
Anyway, think of a life exercise: to be chicken hearted
and be assigned with the post of a lifeguard!
The store of good in us transforms us
into fearless ones!
Oh God, what a great reward!

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