35. I just saw a ghost! ...

As children, we are more open to subtle energies,
so we are drawn by the haunted house and the ghosts
that reside in it; it goes with the territory.
Souls which haven't left the earthly field and
for some time remain in places that they had loved
and bonded with... these are the ghosts. They do not
consist of matter, although they may appear material
by the reflection of the light.
So, they are rarely perceptible. However, the question
whether ghosts exist or not is better to remain open
for each one to find the truth by himself, depending on
the degree of his familiarity with the invisible fields.


It seems Scrooge has been made to think ...
Sometimes ghosts are useful ...
You better listen to the truth and
it truly does not matter who told you.
The ghost showed Scrooge that the reason
he stayed back and haunted was his stinginess ...
"These ghosts"!

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