37. Let's go for a ride on the moon ...

God reveals everything to children
and prepares them for what is going to happen!
"Infants" are capable of recognizing the truth
when they see it and here is the Prophecy
for the future of humanity.
Kids, watch Professor Zambonak's lecture,
because that's exactly what we are going to go through!


We seek the beings of plants and trees,
of animals and birds, all that lives in Nature
and works for the common Good.
We listen to their song,
feel the words subtly whispering ...
We reconnect to the ethereal world and invite all beings to cooperate with us
in creating a New world;
that which will find life on Earth again as it functioned before,
meaning that it will symbolically return to Heaven.


What do the Alchemists of the Middle Ages wish to tell us,
those who reached perfection in creation, the "infallible"
and their spirit is preserved until today?
Exactly that the time is approaching when the hidden secrets
of knowledge are going to be revealed to people.
Humanity has reached the point of having built such solid
foundations to support the edifice of the New Age,
so that they will not be in danger of being shaken again.
At last we have control in order to avoid self-destruction
from the power of knowledge already given to us
and also of the one that will be revealed to us in the future.

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