"The Metaphysics in C.P. Cavafy" is based, in its greater part,

on the "Letters from the Masters"

Copyright Tilda Negri, 2008


1.   They've built enormous, towering walls around me

2.   If the earth is veiled in darkness, have no fear.
     Whatever is dark do not consider permanent.

3.   An excellent suit of armour I shall make

4.   Another city will be found better than this one

5.   Your obligation is to give in, always give in to the Desires
      which are the most perfect creatures of the most perfect gods

6.   She only had one deep sorrow

7.   And every day, it raises its head higher

8.   In another life our heart must have known them

9.   And you as a whole have been transformed into pure emotion for me

10.   Gods know what is in the future

11.   He is the Man

12.   Eros with its exquisite power

13.   Verses of sensual pleasure, the exquisite,
       which is heading towards barren and unfavourable love

14.   Voices ideal and beloved

15.   Whoever desires to strengthen his spirit

16.   I believe the Hereafter

17.   As we too phrased the olden words in another way