Another city will be found better than this one


13. Man tastes the quintessence of his internal work, when he decides to experience the love Jesus spoke of: the one that turns towards enemies as much as towards friends. Subconsciously, we call an enemy someone who causes pain within our soul, without actually having such an intention himself – even if he technically has the identity of one of our loved ones.

This realization will bring man in front of perhaps his biggest contradiction: he ascertains that while he was giving external and team struggles to "change" the world, to "save" it each time from his supposed enemies, simultaneously, through a number of experiences or lives, he mobilized all his powers to "defeat" him, to disarm a specific beloved person of his, strangling love!

He then focuses the struggle of love on his "enemies", those people that he, himself chose – parents, children, brothers and sisters, mates, friends – so that out of the shortage of love and pain, they would guide him to redemption and happiness; because nobody is close to us by chance.

The particular people are in our lives at this moment, because this is necessary for our progress at this stage. When the circumstances do not allow us to get away easily, but we have the impression that they "bind" us to a particular situation, then the message of the Universe is that we can solve the problem and break free from it for good and all. Let us not be indignant when we cannot escape: on the contrary, let us contemplate the opportunity that is being offered to us, to relieve our karma of a burden, and let us consider it as a sign that the Universe assesses us capable of handling this difficult issue.

Each relationship is unique and that is how we ought to deal with it.

It is a great struggle in order to shake off the last trick of fear, which we unconsciously use in our relationships, to change habits, long-established codes of behaviour and reflective reactions, meaning to divest ourselves of the excellent suit of armour.

In every experience of abandonment, rejection, betrayal, man undergoes a violent drawing of energy. The absorption of energy is a phenomenon of determinant force for the soul, loss of Light that stigmatizes our life. But we have the need to go through it; the gaps, which it leaves, become seeds for our further development. When we realize its value and manage to transubstantiate it into internal power, we realize that the absorption does not leave a void only: it also leaves the roots, which will lead to a new path of development.

Love is a two-way interactive energy. The joining of energies consists of a two-way functioning. In his effort, therefore, to comprehend the problems in his relationships so as to heal his wounds, he firstly seeks his own responsibility and recognizes how many times he himself, for necessity reasons, violently drew energy from the other, by transferring his fears to him.

(…) abusing
as a kind of relief and revenge for all the abuses
he himself suffers from those stronger than he.

The journey, consequently, becomes wonderful when we try to extend our love to those who are weak and need it, and they are the ones who unintentionally, or even selfishly, hurt us. The warrior of love, even when he is hurt by love, uses the Word with honesty and courage and is not afraid to express his truth to the other person, defying the "benefits" which sometimes retreat seems to be bringing. For those who have committed and guard Thermopylae of love in their lives, no profit is acceptable, when it is the product of cowardice.

always speaking the truth,
yet without hatred for those who lie.

Often in relationships, the accumulated tension makes communication difficult, sometimes impossible. Opposition makes us more persistent and the pressure exerted by our material words, makes confusion greater, burdens the situation with more upset and anxiety, which chase the light even farther away. Therefore, it is advisable to keep silent, when we feel that the other is not ready and we try to prepare him internally, with prayer and silent revelation; the prayer is not only to God but to Man as well.

Our people are sensitive receivers of our mental energy; they listen to our voice, even when it is silent, and recognize it in the dark, like a lighthouse showing them the way of return. The walls of the souls fall in the same way they were raised, without any banging of builders or sound being heard. Love is able to work miracles, "to remove mountains" (The first letter of Paul to the Corinthians, 13:2), to erode the walls of fear, to beat the friction of the matter within ourselves. It is enough to quietly and noiselessly offer what exists abundantly in our soul. Love always gives its fruits and souls find the path of Truth again.

I wish. Because kin and enemy, were one race.
But one "I wish" is enough. Perhaps even too much.

Then, it is not necessary to express the "I wish", on the low level of inferior bodies, especially when the receivers are detuned from their higher self. Help is offered to the Higher Self, led directly towards it, and its results are important, even though not showing on a human level.

Energy is never lost, it is exactly as much as we transmit and it remains in the overall Ego of the other person until its launching from the lower layers becomes possible. All people perceive the energy which our soul sends; if we continue, with faith and patience, one day we shall recognize the signs, which notify that the energy has reached its destination.

14. Man is relieved when he manages to feel the attitude of the Lacedaemonians of his life, of all those who did not want or could not offer him what he asked, and he becomes capable of restoring in his heart all the people who love him, but chose to follow different courses and separate experiences.

That too is an attitude. It is understood.

Besides, now he knows, and that is why he is more capable of tolerating what seems like an injustice to him. His matter has become refined, selfishness has been weakened. And each time people implicate him in their sufferings and temporary calamities which torment them, his heart dictates him to escape from his self and become involved in their problems and their obsessions, no matter how tiring it may seem to him. He guides the light to where he judges wise and necessary. He is joyful with joys, sad with sadness, he shares agony and pain. The nonchalance of that one, who walked absent-mindedly and daydreaming, casting around a blind glance of indifference, is an effort to shake off the responsibilities and obligations of the current incarnation. The work of creation is not elsewhere other than the place where the less enlightened still suffer. God accepts every offer of grief for fellow human beings with exultation and honours those who offer themselves.

brave whenever they are rich, and when
they are poor, brave again on a smaller scale,
standing by again as much as they are able.

The fear of abandonment is mainly the one which hems in our love towards other people. Just as people connect the feeling of earthly romantic love with the Union, likewise they connect human separation with death, and this hurts them, while in reality it is none other than a space-time distancing.

The fear of loss, in other words separation, is the primary feeling of the detachment of the soul from the divine One, when it started the course of its becoming conscious. It is, therefore, a primary memory, a feeling identified with the thresholds of beingness and yet it concerns each soul separately while it moves towards Re-union, so it is unjustly attributed to the relationships with fellow human beings.

Knowledge counterbalances fear. That is why we must "learn" what we are scared of. Every relationship and every experience brings us closer to our Self because it banishes a part of our fear. And it is necessary that one loves a human being – his greatest "enemy" – deeply and unconditionally because only when he fulfils Love with one of his fellow human beings on Earth, will he manage to open his channels towards God and universal Love. Man completes the course of evolution when he has loved the Created; and only then does he become capable of trusting the Truth and loving his Creator. If he does not experientiate the partial completely it is not possible to start his expansion towards the Whole. "For we know in part" (The first letter of Paul to the Corinthians, 13:9).

That is the course for the conquest of unconditional love; because even in the highest union of souls, we people lay conditions and we love as long as these conditions are fulfilled.

My walls have finer manners;
and they do not love me for my gifts.
My walls do not resemble people.

The world around functions as a mirror of the world within ourselves; many masters have said this. It means that what we produce internally is "projected" as a reality surrounding our self. The external conditions will always be adjusting to it.

The mirror does not deceive me, the image is true

Each time we feel that our mate does not love us any more, this means that we have loved him under conditions, partially, and what we now receive, is the realization of our previous transmissions. With each condition in our love, even the seemingly innocent sentimental condition "I love this person provided he loves me too", we activate a simple mechanism: we put a barrier to our emanation of emotions and we begin to distort it up to the point where at some moment we receive it as a reality. That which we feel, the unpleasant feeling which lies heavy on us, is the weakening of our own love. When this happens, meaning when we do not love with fullness, then we feel as if we are receiving the unpleasant feeling, whereas in reality we are transmitting it.

The only solution is to produce love internally; to stop thinking with conditions and start working love without limitations within ourselves; suffice to lead our self to feel, to experience what it wants emotionally – let us chant love and joy – and this will be the right thing to do, the real action. Nobody can force us not to produce the emotion we want.

Through this internal course we shall be guided to another kind of love, of higher quality and more impersonal; because we must disidentify love with individuals. The love we diffuse into the world as an im-personal emotion, means understanding at first, then lack of evaluation and finally acceptance. This is how we will internally touch a-pathy* as the distancing from feelings of rejection and condemnation, which have as a result to deregulate our own vibrations and demote us to a psychological state of turmoil and sorrow.
(* Apathy comes from the Greek word "apathia" which consists of the prefix "a" which means no and not, and the word "pathos" which means passion.)

The more knowledge advances, the more the sense of fear withdraws. Fear limits our point of view and instead of broadening the horizons like knowledge does, it imprisons us into a forced route. Knowledge is freedom because it renders man capable of advancing, choosing and escaping from obligatory courses. For the man who has reached that stage, the improbable, exquisite dawn has occurred. The struggle has been won and the warrior of the Laws is rewarded with the joy of seeing the results of love around him.

This is the real excellent suit of armour of true Power, the inner Power: unconditional love, the one that alarms us so much, because we have learned to live without it. We do not make this armour with words, with physiognomy and with manners, but when we do not deny our self and our soul and we do not, under any circumstance, flee from Love.

Unconditional love - the only excellent suit of armour - tears down everything fear accumulates as an alleged shield; "perfect love drives out fear" (AŽ John 4:18). It is the only ship, the only way and chance for the soul to break free from the walls of the loss. Then man resides in another earth, another sea, since he has created another city better than this one, he can "see a new heaven and a new earth, see the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven" (John, Revelation, 21:1-4) and reside permanently in it. Then he is reunited into Love and no fear prevents him from feeling that he lives in the divine Body.