Gods know what is in the future


33. The more we let ourselves go freely into faith, we realize that we walk along a beaten track; we just have to follow the footprints. We use dream as a guide, and while we are on our wanderings we remember that there are beacons that remind us of our initial dream, there are messages, to hear or to feel. Beacons are what we see around us and while they exist for everyone, they talk only to us. Because the signs are the words of the Angels.

People know the actual events.
Gods know what is in the future,
full and sole possessors of all lights.
Of all the future holds, wise men perceive
the imminent. Their hearing

at times, in hours of serious contemplation,
is disturbed. The secret sound
of approaching events reaches them.
And they, reverent, pay attention to it. Whereas,
out in the street, the people hear nothing at all.

The signs come to ensure the correct orientation for people, when the darkness of the night has covered the sun of inner will. As long as this sun shines, then everything is clear and transparent and man can choose his way without doubt, according to the desire of his conscience. But there are moments when conscience sinks into the night, the road is covered by opacity and then man calls his higher self, who has the capability of wider vision, to guide him in order to avoid the reefs. The answer of the higher conscience which is attuned to the Harmony of the Universe is expressed with coincidences and phenomena of the Universe and is interpreted by the conscience with a specific meaning. In reality then, the soul has been connected to the higher level of Harmony and has restored the cooperation with the rhythms of the World – that is why the signs are always external phenomena of the conscience, meaning expressions of the (external) World. The signs do not substitute choice because something like that would refute the law of free will and desire which moves the thread of man's life. Signs simply connect man with his prior decision, reveal in front of him again his pre-existing desire, harmonize him with the higher vibrations of his very self. In reality, they are his own decisions and not some invisible cooperation of the environment, which did not take him into consideration or decided on his behalf.

Signs are phenomena of the external environment that man chooses to notice after internal and invisible prompting of his (higher) self – like a ring which we put on in order to remind us of something.

Dreams are also signs that our self projects before our eyes, as long as conscience is set free from the influence of the mind. The interference of the intellect hinders the reception of messages sent by other people or by our own self; these messages remain re-deciphered in the subconscious until they find a proper time to appear. The proper time is sleep, when conscience is harmonized with its Source and the mind silences. Then all the messengers who waited in the waiting room of our soul appear, in order to announce the cosmic messages to us.

So, let us not confuse dreams with the future. Future is a chain of choices which constantly open new roads, which man can follow. We can see the future as a present that has already begun, as a path which since we started it, will lead us to a specific destination. Human souls usually have the tendency to complete the courses they choose. That is why the future is "anticipated" as the natural continuation of the start that has been made. But we should not face this as a coercive commitment to a future predestined by someone else; it is the course, which the soul chooses for its self, that passes through specific roads. It is just that each road has a known and predetermined direction and if you choose it you will pass through the stop off points predetermined for this road. Naturally, there is always the possibility of returning before the end of the road and this makes the road something not definitively predictable.

Man must live each moment without censoring his spontaneous instinct and without rationalizing his feelings, so that he does not miss the signs; he should work without distractions of the mind and emotions, without wasting time in doubt and judgment.

And the more the soul advances, the more searching, more attentive it must be; when people are focused exclusively on the external world, it is inevitable to miss the messages or to misinterpret them. Out in the street, the people hear nothing at all; consequently the catastrophe carries them away and things are Finished for them.

false were the messages
(we either didn't hear them, or perceive them well).
Another disaster, which we did not imagine,
sudden, torrential falls upon us,
and unprepared – no time left now – sweeps us away.

And when he reaches his zenith and takes on the form of a famous man, mainly then must he remember to raise his gaze but lower his eyes, because one carelessness may cost him from small losses or delays up to a sudden, torrential disaster. The sophist Artemidorus tried in vain to warn Julius Caesar of Brutus' and Casio's conspiracy against him and of his forthcoming assassination. Caesar, completely absorbed in his earthly matters and his ambitions, during the crucial moment failed to stop at the universal message.

Of glory be you fearful, o soul,
and if you cannot triumph over your
ambitions, pursue them, at least, with hesitation
and precaution. The more you advance,
the more searching, more attentive you must be.  

And when you reach your zenith at last, Caesar,
and take on the form of a famous man,
then take heed more than ever as you go out on the street,
a man of power, conspicuous, with your entourage,
if by chance a certain Artemidorus
approaches you out of the crowd bringing a letter,
and hurriedly says: "Read this right away,
these are important matters that concern you,"
don't fail to stop; don't fail to put off
all talk or work; don't fail to brush aside
all those who salute or bow
(you can see them later), let even the Senate itself
wait, and immediately recognize
the serious writings of Artemidorus.

Just like another hasty and inexperienced creature, Caesar, instead of the understanding of the vanity of grandeur, chose arrogance and intoxication. In that way he himself also interrupted the work of gods, indeed by interrupting the very completion of his earthly life cycle.

As it happened with Artemidorus and Julius Caesar, people often appear in a specific moment of our life, in order to warn us or give a solution to basic problems of ours. Let us pay attention to the elements they bring us, let us focus on their words in order to understand which solution they are giving us. The universal truths they are bringing, are simply announced by their own voice. If we pass them by, their capability to help will be lost.

34. Even though people know the actual events, they have never ceased asking to know the future. No god, full and sole possessor of all lights can possibly foretell the "future" of a situation, despite the fact that he may "see" it in advance. This happens because every person ought to shoulder both the burden of a choice as well as its responsibility right away. This responsibility of each person for his own future also includes the capability to change his course even up until the last minute. The "future", as visualized by the Master or the guide, is not final, it is always reversible, consequently nobody else except the person himself can foresee it.

The poet says what might happen in some cases, but he does not claim that it will necessarily happen.

The rival Ptolemaic kings ask for the divination of the oracle at Delphi about who is going to rule, and while the priests have prepared the answer, at the same time they ignore that life has already given its answer – the oracle was pronounced in Rome; there, the deal was effected. One of them, Evergetis, had been restored by the Romans, yet the priests ignored it …

But king Manuel Comnenus as well felt death was near, and he was right as it was proven, however the court astrologers (the paid ones) babbled / that he had many more years to live.

The stars hide the keys of Wisdom, for whoever is capable and ready to conquer it. The means brings the help we expect, only if it is used correctly. The stars are companions of the souls on the way of the light; the souls travel through the spectrum of the stars. Small is our knowledge of the miracle of the universe. No one can possess whatever he has not earned. No one can know whatever he has not learned from the Masters of the Brotherhood of the Universe. No one can foretell whatever has not happened.

The soothsayer withdrew into a secret room
About half an hour later he emerged,
in deep thought, and said to the officer:
"I could discern nothing satisfactorily.
It is not a suitable day today.
I made out a few shadowy things, I didn't understand well.-

The truth is found within ourselves, and guides us steadily to the light, even when we do not realize it. Our soul knows its way and follows it like a boat on calm waters. The sails which will propel us is the power we have within ourselves; suffice we keep silent in order to find answers in God's words, and not in people's. The way of the soul is the only truth.

Let us not ask, therefore, to know the future. We are neither going to find it anywhere, nor learn it from anyone of this or of the invisible life, because this must not happen. Future is not something that preexists in a specific form and nobody, as we said, can foresee it. But even if it were possible, what difference does it make? Even when someone knows the future, this cannot make him act correctly in the present. It is indeed even more difficult to manage to escape from the coercion of the preset thinking by knowing the result in advance. The Law of the Unknown Future is one more benefaction of Providence in order to facilitate our course.  

It is better so. For in this way, though
he lies dead in this seaport,
his parents will forever hope he is alive.

Man must worship the holy mystery of our dark future reverently, and not let his voice cover the voice of God: he must not wish to influence things, must not wish to prevent whatever is to happen, but to believe in His Plan even when the way seems dark to him. There are no omens that can hinder God's deed.

This alone is in our power;
as for our destiny, it will be according to god's will.

There is no "magical" power whatsoever, that regulates man's course: everything is simple and natural and starts inwardly. Nobody is "rewarded" for the Truth he found, but from then on It works within him colouring everything that surrounds him. The days of Love

mould and colour my words and my phrases
in any topic I may be going through, any idea I may be expressing.

This is the way of the heart and this way is marked by the moment. Consequently, everything is predetermined, because the heart knows in advance, yet this is not manifested. The manifestation occurs during that very moment when reality, the events touch the heart momentarily, instantaneously, and then what was long-standing dormant, appears. It is like a chemical reaction, which happens momentarily and it is exactly there where the New is born, the new Truth.

From that point onwards, the mind comes to elaborate the new "product", analyze it, sort it out, but this process is not creative, it does not give birth, hence it is not decisive for man's course – no matter how much he considers his choices the product of thought.  

The only generative power is the heart because it is still united with the Essence of the universe, while the mind can only comment, indulge, or sometimes complicate the Truth. In this sense, everything is predetermined and predestined, because what the heart recognizes each time is only one.

The artistic impressions sometimes lay unused for a long time, produce other thoughts, are remoulded by new influences, and when they are crystallized in written words, it is not easy to remember the time of the first incentive, from where the written words truly derive.

Besides, the meaning of this life is to re-understand what we already know – and appears as "instinct". That is why, for that matter, we are called to follow our instinct, exactly because it orientates us to the already existing one in the conscience, that one which we are called to "re"-discover.

Let us ask, therefore, from our self to "see" and feel what it desires, and let us believe that this is none other than the past, since it lived in our conscience.

35. The more conscience grows, the gaze becomes sharper: man acquires wider spiritual vision; he can expand in the time-space and experience simultaneous conscience:

Domitian became infuriated,
the countries suffered deeply because of him.
In Ephesus, as elsewhere, there was much discontent.
When suddenly, while Apollonius was speaking one day
among the groves of the promenades; suddenly he appeared
as though absent-minded and as though he spoke
mechanically. Until he stopped his talk
and shouted the "strike the tyrant", amidst
many extremely bewildered listeners.
At that moment his soul had seen
Stefanos, in Rome, striking Domitian with his sword
who tried to defend himself with a gold goblet
and finally, the king's spearbearers
entering in great numbers, and right away slaughtering
the (almost unconscious) vile king.


The process of evolution is completed in the ability of perceiving the truth intuitively, meaning the conscious hyper-stimulation of the sixth energy centre, through which the ability to offer love to fellow-human beings is also reinforced; this is the centre of insight, of the capability of abolishing the confining earthly dimensions (matter, space, time), of the expansion of receiving and transmitting energy of finer vibrations. Just as characteristic is the example of the monks who "saw" Athanasius' salvation. Their prayer was important, their will managed to set in motion the powers to which it was addressed:

In a boat upon the great Nile,
with two faithful comrade monks,
fugitive and weary Athanasius
the virtuous, the pious, the keeper of the proper faith –
was praying. The enemies were chasing him
and there was little hope that he'd be saved.
The wind was adverse;
and their rotting boat advanced with difficulty.
When the prayer finished,
he turned his sad gaze
towards his comrades – and he wondered
when he saw their peculiar smile.
The monks, while he was praying,
had sensed what was happening
in Mesopotamia; the monks
knew that at that moment
the bastard Julian had breathed his last.

The connection with the "wider" conscience-wise self, gives the correct sense for the truth, by way of "instinct" or "intuition", meaning with a code inexplicable to man. Yet, this sense is the right direction, because it carries messages from the wider conscience.

Miracles can be, in corresponding cases, firstly the capacity for the conception of the oncoming, through the connection with the higher self, who has a complete overview of time-space, and after that, intervention in the powers which act in the present and the change of their course, together with acceleration of earthly time.

Any interference in earthly matters must be carried out only with divine command, which means resignation of the human personality and individuality in the specific moment, and man's transubstantiation into a pure channel of the divine Power. The distortion of time-space co-ordinates is a task of utmost responsibility, and precisely for this reason man must withdraw every selfish motive which can set similar procedures into motion.

Man can reach the conscious transmission of energy up to the sixth centre, since the seventh – the one that connects him with the divine thisness and through which he receives the universal vibrations and unites with his higher self – presupposes the non-existence of the material body.

Happy is he who lives inside the Body of God.

Magnificent signs delineate his bright way. When the Sun rises, darkness has no longer any power at all.

36. The man who is committed to the Hierarchy's Deed on Earth, knows his task since the time he remembers himself, because memory lies far, in his first adolescent years. Indeed, if he looks back to his adolescence, he will see that everything was already known to him, of course on an un-conscious level.  

What we consider a course of the mind towards the future is nothing but a reconnection with the past, because there lie the seeds of the way that is being unfolded ahead; there, in the past, the way was chosen, and he who foresees the future is none other than he who has connected with the past.

The Poet himself said six months before his dematerialization: I still have to write twenty five poems. Twenty five poems! Indeed, he left thirty poems, with which he completed the internal cycle of his Deed and his destiny on earth. We also saw king Manuel Comnenus, who felt death was near, since he knew that he had completed his purpose and the moment had come for him to leave the earthly dimension.

Of all the future holds, wise men perceive
the imminent. Their hearing

at times, in hours of serious contemplation,
is disturbed. The secret sound
of approaching events reaches them.
And they, reverent, pay attention to it.

God's Workers run difficult life programs: they have been led to the path of offering and their training ought to be equivalent. Their trials are mental and emotional so that they are later able to guide by possessing real knowledge and not just learning. They are especially sensitive in order to receive experiences in their depth, and they are subjected to extreme situations so that they are enriched later with a wide range of events.

family mournings, separations,
feelings of my dear ones, feelings
of the dead (…)

The Worker must give identity to the Deed, and not the Deed to the Worker. Because only then can man's personality infuse breath into the creation, when man exceeds the edifice. Likewise in God's Deed, workers must strengthen and entrench themselves, so as to be worthy of the earthly battle.

We often wonder why we go through so many difficulties, while we already feel ready to start our creative work. The answer is that the psychological power that is demanded as a commitment to the Deed of God is great and he who works must be secured from dangers. That is why the trials are many and constant, so that his strengthening be assured.

On the other hand, the motives should have been checked: accepted to the Deed of God is he who desires to lay down his Self to it, something that certainly presupposes having encountered it, and not the one who is seeking his identity in things outside himself. The second one, consequently, is firstly called on to delimitate and become conscious of himself, and when this is completed, then he is judged capable of undertaking some duties. It goes without saying that during this interim of his internal work he has been welcomed to the bosom of God's beloved, and receives help for this work. But he should not ask to work externally if he has not first completed it.

He leaves in the silence of night.
He says
little. The only thought he now has
swiftly, swiftly his chariot to speed.
The road stretches, gloomy.
But the king does not notice these things;

as long as his chariot swiftly, swiftly speeds.

The true Warriors of the Love of God will not turn around – they do not notice these things. They wait until the road in front of them which will denote the real Mission, becomes clear. Until then, their heart will constitute the beacon which will clear the darkness of the unknown, the road sign that will guide the footsteps in the desert. They do not need to try to foresee or provide for their future, because the divine Thought is making provision for it. Their own work is to follow in the steps, which are revealed in front of them, and feel the certainty of divine Grace. Their life does not have choices, because their choice is final from now on. Therefore, there are no questions any more, but only on the surface, while deep down the answer pre-exists.

37. The internal function that is taking place within the man who waits for the barbarians - the certainty of their arrival, the preparations for their welcoming, this commotion and confusion which begins right away, that is brought about by the imminent event, followed by its denial and, finally, the embarrassment, even the disappointment that derives from the non materialization of the negative(!) expectation – is none other than our fear's projection mechanism, which is fear of the unknown and creation of a negative image for the future. When we understand this mechanism, we will dispense with the feeling of fear once and for all.

Be careful, then, with self-fulfilling prophecies! It is known to almost everyone that a so called "prophecy" which is heard from the mouth of someone with great self-confidence, can take dimensions of actuality, and this happens, certainly not because it was meant to be materialized, but because those believing in it installed it. An announcement about the arrival of some barbarians, is enough for us to start waiting for them.

But also in everyday life, people often move towards these kinds of "prophecies", which naturally they themselves bring upon their lives. Just as it is not at all "metaphysical" to think of someone who chooses a road and follows it, and all the distinguishing marks of this road appear afterwards on his course, it is just as simple to also think of someone who has chosen a mental road, and afterwards he distinguishes its characteristics while he is walking on it.

When we try to give answers for what we have "pre-decided", then we simply recycle what exists within ourselves, by choosing to "see" external signs which correspond to it. This is the case where the signs do not show us God's way but they return us to our self. It is very important for someone not to seek signs, when his fears – or his hyper-optimism, or any other emotion – are present, because the environment will simply reflect these very signs, so that man will return to the same starting point instead of taking a step forward.

So when someone is looking for "signs", let him first consider whether he is simply interpreting as "signs", the distinguishing marks of the road he has internally chosen and on which he has already started to walk. Of course, this is not reprehensible : on the contrary it expresses precisely man's free will, and advocates for it, through the fact that nobody decides for anyone else, nor do they even indicate someone else's choice. (Because even the indication in many cases reduces the absolute freedom of choice).

Just think that if an absolutely law-abiding and obedient man constantly kept on finding "signs" from above in his life, every time he had queries on the course, he would be finally sentenced to never knowing his self, therefore he would stay away from God for ever! How miserable is he who has always done "what has to be done", but has lost his self!

Signs, therefore, are none other than road signs on a marked path, on which we are already walking. For as long as we observe them, we recognize our choice in a certain direction, because often people proceed along roads and instead of looking, shut their eyes and walk as if they were blind. Then again at other times, they do not choose a way on their own impulse, but according to others' desires. So, the signs come again and again in order to remind them of reality.

The prophecy which people's minds creates, is different from God's prophecy. People's prophecy runs on the axis of their nature, which is bipolarity, separativeness: it determines roads that diverge, starting from the same point, like rays extending to the infinite, without ever meeting. They are, therefore, "compulsory" roads that lead to division. On the contrary, God's prophecy is a road of convergence that leads to the unbreakable One, from whichever point one may start. If we contemplate that even Time does not move linearly, we will see that God's prophecy on the Time axis finally leads to the removal of the polarization and the abolishment of the dissipation, meaning to the condensing. In that way it could never be a prophecy that passes through compulsory roads or given actualities. On the contrary, it leads to the same point, even if the roads in between are endless. Let us imagine a point on the map, to which one may be led, following theoretically infinite courses.

We do not need to concern ourselves, therefore, with prophecies that people fabricate, mainly out of anguish to surmount their alarming thought of infinite choices, which God grants people. All along, the infinite scared men of the finite dimensions of earthly life, and that is why they often tried to give shape to it: so the infinite of Time acquired shape, which, though, in reality it does not have.

When we say "Time" we mean our self. Most abstract notions simply are our pseudonyms. Time is us.

Let us choose the way of God. There, we will discover that there is no need to delimitate the infinite, the eternal, the unchangeable One. Let us also think that in practical life, self-fulfilling prophecies must be replaced by conscious choices of life courses, which conduce to self-knowledge and do not make it fall asleep. Besides, the Deed of God on Earth is based exactly on these principles.

True faith does not exist beforehand, it does not predetermine decisions, because predestined decisions do not leave room for the heart to come forth, to move towards its desires, to walk on its way. The man who believes in a self-fulfilling prophecy – usually negative, that the barbarians will arrive – and after that waits with the certainty that this will happen, is alienated from his heart's voice and loses track of the Self and of God. True faith leads exactly to this voice, and leaves the horizon clear and boundless in front of our eyes. It has neither specific ways, nor compulsory steps. But it knows that whoever moves towards his self, he does not know fear, because regardless of the course, the destination is secured. And when the mind intellectually touches this destination, the soul feels the calmness and tranquility of Paradise. Paradise is the symbol of man's identification with the Self, the first symbolic picture of the One, the coexistence of the outside and the inside.