Eros with its exquisite power


40. The greatest power in the human soul is its fervent desire, its unquenched lust for Uniting in the divine Body. Eros* is unbreakably connected with the divine because the conquest of the hyper-dense point of Love is realized through its power; this is its exquisite power.

(*Eros in both ancient and modern Greek means 1) the love that also includes lust for the other person, the desire to bodily join with the other person, to make love with him, 2) the name of the ancient Greek God of Love.)

O first, pure, only freedom
of puberty towards pleasure (…)
O sweet intoxication of the senses!
I fear lest base banality
abuse your divine forms.

The course in life is a course of convergence and unity, and precisely for this reason sexual intercourse is so important in each person's life, because it reminds him of the most essential reason for his existence.

In the small room, that shines alight
from the chandelier's strong flame,
this is by no means ordinary light that emanates ...
the sensual rapture of this heat
is not made for timid bodies.

The small room, our life, shines alight and is illuminated by the heat of the sensual rapture: during sexual intercourse, the spinal column – the vessel for energy – glows from a "liquid fire" which starts to flow like a rapid torrent. The current of life runs through man's axis and radiates the light. Seven great energy power centres along the spinal column are lit like live torches in the night. The bodies of the beloved are wrapped around a burning, watery whirlwind by-passing the natural forces, conquering gravity.

The mates experience the feeling of abandonment since their conscience knows that they will be led, even if only for a short while, to the celestial frequency. They let their erotic ardour become the life-giving current that will lead them back to the Light, to the world that gave birth to them and where they will be found again.


the aesthetic approaching of the bodies;
the joined hands, the joined lips

they, who gave themselves, blissful, to love, unite their bodies because deep down they long to unite their souls. They struggle to merge their bodies, as if they want to crush them, as if they are standing as a barrier to the uniting of their souls, which try to quench their unappeased desire for unity. The earthly shell they have to penetrate is hard and resistant. The beloved ones, however, even though for a moment only, manage to float weightless into the light. They travel beyond the senses, where, neither time nor space exist, nor thinking but only heart, which listens to the vibration of Love.

The burning streams of light release themselves and freely flow and reunite with their Source. For a while, the poles are united. Duality, which divides the Self and splits the existence, has been defeated.

One absorbs the other into his energy; they become one Form, one Soul, into the one impenetrable Light that shines from their merging. They unite with the Soul of the World, they experience the unity of the Self in their consciousness, they experience the very definition of Love: they feel they belong to each other, because they are one inside the Self.

As the one initiates the other in the Temple of his Soul and lets him penetrate into the holy of his Holies, the beloved ones, the ones who drank of strong wines, as / the brave in sensual pleasure drink, they reveal their true nature and together touch the End, the Everything, granting immortality to each other.

This by no means ordinary light that emanates, is produced by sexual energy, in which the mystics have taught, lies the secret of life, the elixir of immortality. The production of light from the joining of the two poles, the energy that is released from their uniting is so powerful that it can transform the spirit into matter. Its power is such that it can make the soul give birth to all it desires: a physical or a spiritual creation. Sexual energy is the sole driving force on Earth, which can transform the immaterial into material, launch a soul from the ethereal planes and give birth to a child.

The kisses lingered on his mouth.
All of his flesh aches from constant lust.
The touch of that body is upon him.
He craves the union with him again.

In this vibration of ecstasy, love and joy, into the illuminated night, the mates linger as long as they can. When they feel that they have lost this feeling of their connection with the divine frequency, they desire to repeat the process of their unification in order to taste again the sensual rapture of this heat.

Desire is primarily the boost to evolution. Desire on all levels is one of the primary instincts, with which man has been co-kneaded, so that his evolutionary course is ensured.

Being an instinct, desire is uncontrollable. Man ought to classify and evaluate his desires before he lets himself be led by them.

The lower self, which is not "lower" but less powerful, must not be repressed because it is the one that constitutes the material realization of the divine element, and only through it, is it possible for the Spirit to descend and for the Definite Union to be achieved. Desires, therefore, which the lower self gives birth to, ought to be received carefully, and under no circumstances should man put as his target the total eradication of this instinct – something which often happens and indeed in the name of "high" and "holy" intentions.

I did not tie myself down. I let go completely and went.
To the pleasures that were half real,
half hovering in my mind,
I went, into the illuminated night.
And drank of strong wines, as
the brave in sensual pleasure drink.

Before man gets to intervening in his functions in a regulatory manner, he should dedicate time to studying them, so as to understand how the whole Creation is made down to its smallest detail in an excellent, complete and indispensable way.

The struggle of the enlightened man must be directed not to uprooting every trace of the birth of desire from within himself – something that he will not achieve easily in any case, because Nature has almighty mechanisms of survival – but to choosing those desires which, through the Principles and the Laws, can lead him to higher levels.

The desires that are born have various causes, endogenous (of this or of previous lives), or exogenous (influences from others). In all cases man must carefully examine their origin, and to where they are leading him .

As soon as man acquires consciousness of his course, he has the tendency to want to disavow every desire, fearing that this is not possible to conform to the Principles. Renouncement from desires means the deadening of a part of Nature, and we must all become consciously aware that only through Nature can all-consciousness in God be achieved.

The descent of Jesus' Spirit down to the earthly world, came to show precisely how important earthly existence is – which some "enlightened" ones under the orders of a certain "religion" so easily and without thinking, but perhaps also with pride, disapprove of.

On the Tomb of Iases it is written:

(…) Passerby,
(...) you will not criticise. You know the impetuosity
of our life; what fervour it has; what utter sensual bliss.

We must never restrain energy but we must be careful to channel it correctly. Love, which unites two people in sexual intercourse, functions as a safety valve so as to turn sexual energy towards a receiver in a smooth way. We people study for years at the University to learn to properly connect electric cables, in order to avoid devastating short-circuits, but we do not think long before we "connect cables of sexual energy" … And certainly, we do not choose to stay in the dark, out of fear of short-circuits, we simply study and know beforehand where and how we will connect.

41. In an erotic relationship every person shows his archetypal imprint, where it appears without control, without modifications and interventions, without it being able to conceal or "prettify" itself. And the other person who participates in this relationship sees and decodes this precise imprint – the emanation of love – which he has inscribed in his subconscious before he was incarnated and this makes him seek the corresponding person. So, external beauty or any other quality is not the one that attracts people in a sexual relationship, but their energy identity.

our image is heard

Therefore, if we worry about how we may "seem" to someone, we should think that what he "sees" is our energy emission, the imprint of our energy, and not the body or any other special characteristic.

in there he glimpsed a face, he glimpsed a countenance,
that urged him on and he entered (…)

If we return to some old example, we see that every "role" requires a certain physical type, and when man is incarnated he materializes exactly this form which will help his specific mission, and will make him recognizable to exactly those he should be.

Let not the limitations of the current body be decisive for our actions. Let us visualize the "new" body, the one which will let our true Superior form - the eidolon-image of our new body – reveal almost completely, as God has given it to us, unique for each one. This imprint already exists inscribed very deeply in the eyes of each human being and in the aura, which, however, is not yet widely visible and recognizable.

Ah, here you came with your vague charm.

This identity of the Soul does not alter during the successive incarnations, that is why a person is finally recognizable and unique, no matter how much the Law of Karma has charged his thick matter with elements and characteristics necessary for his course each time. Suffice to say we remember in our dreams, the way we "recognize" that it is that specific person, even when his external characteristics are completely vague and hard to discern, or even different from those with which we have connected him in the current life.

The more we love and accept our body, the more we act more positively and correctly towards it and in that way we free ourselves from previous karma, while at the same time we carefully prepare the coming incarnations.

And I saw the lovely body that looked
as if Eros had made it from its uttermost experience –
joyfully moulding its symmetrical limbs;
elevating its sculptured stature;
moulding the face with emotion
and imparting, through the touch of its hands,
a feeling on the brow, the eyes and the lips.

Man is incarnated without all that he has acquired, becoming evident on an earthly level. His earthly cloak is often very different from the immaterial one, and includes these elements which will facilitate the intake of the predestined experiences he has come to take. This happens as far as his first assumed image is concerned.

As we know, even the "densest" matter is in reality an empty space in the larger proportion – if someone contemplates the distance of the void space which is between the nucleus and the electrons in an atom of matter. Consequently, this image of matter that our eyes receive, and which is that particular one, because our eyes receive the transmissions of the specific part of the spectrum, is variable. We can understand this, when we contemplate how many times we wonder at seeing someone else admiring some person whom we "see" as ugly.

This happens because the transmission of the image of the particular structure, which is a man, interacts with various planes, of other people or spaces. A man, when found next to a plane which is positive for him, appears to "glow" – and vice versa.

Often, what we see regarding ourselves does not coincide with what we transmit and another person sees. This has to do with our own internal state at a particular time, and the corresponding one of the other person in the other case.

Man's nature moves on the axis of bipolarity, therefore his Gender is manifested in a dual way as well. The "genders" are two, but this is in force only on the level of the lower material body. Man's higher bodies bear the two energy qualities within themselves – male and female – which interchange constantly, moving to all regions of the spectrum of Gender. In reality, the Gender is One, with infinite manifestations.

Man, the incarnated one, is subjected to the law of multi-fission and of the partial. Hence, he can manifest or experience only one state of being each time. That is to say, one cannot be – as far as his external, material side is concerned – a man and a woman at the same time, or tall and short at the same time, or feel both hot and cold, neither can he see himself spherically, etc.

No person is utterly "male" or utterly "female", absolutely active or absolutely passive, absolutely warm or absolutely cold, neither can there ever exist a clear and distinct division between the two energy qualities. Every man is a unique mixture of the two qualities, as he has been composed of these female and male powers in a different proportion each time. We are a mixture here. We all are in part pagans and in part with Christian leanings: our incarnation imposes the manifestation of part or parts of the Human Whole.

So, every person manifests one unique manifestation of Gender. The manifestations of Gender are infinite like the hues of colours, the frequencies of sounds, or numbers. Just like white is not the absence of colour but the synthesis of all colours, so the soul is not genderless, as it is sometimes wrongly considered, but bears both genders together in a synthesis. When we combine all the colours, we reach white, likewise when we combine the two genders within ourselves (and all their intermediate manifestations), we shall have condensed the opposites at the same point, the a-sexual. In the spiritual world there are no genders, because there is no division or partial manifestation of the One and the Whole.

And my sexual life has its manifestation – dark only for the ignorant ones.

Therefore, it is important to know that regardless of the manifestation of our gender and that of our sexual partner, regardless of our erotic inclination (innate all the same), what each one really seeks is the realization and the counterbalance of the female and the male principle within himself, the synthesis of duality and its transcendence.

Any classification of people according to the manifestation of their erotic life or any other criterion is by definition inept, since it constitutes a product of mental processing, the outcome of our partial awareness of the Human Whole. The human mind often has the tendency to persist in the partial. In reality there are no homo-, hetero-, bi-sexuals or any other category. The abolition of any classification, sorting out, or evaluation of people will lead us to recognizing that every being constitutes by itself an entire, distinct category, a manifestation of the divine energy.

We should sometimes see things innocently, and gently.

The truth is always more simple than the one we weave in our minds.

42. In every incarnation of his, man returns to earth in order to explore a specific manifestation of Gender, and when his choice is such as to absorb all his attention during his lifetime, this means that amongst other things, he chose to study the very meaning of Gender itself in depth.

The deplorable laws of society – outcome neither of hygiene nor of judgment – diminished my work. They tied my expression down. They hindered me from giving light and emotion to those who are made like me.

The important thing is for someone not to fight against his self, not to try to "outdo" it, but to come to know it and after that to cooperate with it, in order to achieve the best possible result. Unfortunately, people spend many efforts and exertion in "changing", without realizing that the specific materialized form has a reason for existence; to contribute to the accomplishment of our life here, and that, if they consumed the equivalent energy in developing what they have, without identifying, then they would accomplish much greater happiness.

As we have said before, the way is not predetermined as a choice, but the crossroads through which one will pass, are. The choices will form a final course – this happens with the "formation" of the body as well, man's material image: the main characteristics are predetermined as necessary road signs, but the final formation is achieved after man's successive choices and his ways of handling things.

And this, naturally, is not valid for the form only. Let us not forget that our destination has a unique aim for each one of us. So let us also accept that even our character, has been formed in such a way so the attainment of this aim be feasible. Let us not deny our special characteristics, because through them we shall be capable of serving what we love the most.

There is another aspect that puts him in a better light,
and makes him look appealing; he seems a simple
and genuine child of Eros,  who above his honour,
and his reputation placed unreservedly
the pure sensual delight of his pure flesh.
Above his reputation; But society that was
very prudish made stupid correlations.

It is inevitable for those who engage in somewhat healthy love, by remaining within what is strictly permitted, to make stupid correlations. The man who has not known and loved (his) Self, has the need to entrench himself inside shapes in order to justify his ignorance to his self and conceal his fears. Life patterns are nothing but the results of fear that actually amplify the existence of fear instead of abolishing it. Because, when you compete with something, then this grows and is consolidated, since it feeds on your own mental power. So, those chattering about morals let the dark forces misguide them to evaluations that adulterate the Truth.

The soul is not sanctified by deeds of the body but by deeds of the soul.

Tonight it crossed my mind to write about my love. And yet I will not do so. How powerful prejudice is. I was liberated from it; but I am thinking of the enslaved ones under whose sight this paper may come.


Man is called to match the deplorable laws of society, against the Great Laws of the Universe; only then – in the most perfect society will he appear certain and act freely. Besides, without the strengthening of the "I am", no correlation can be built.

Do not speak of guilt, do not speak of responsibility. When the Regiment of Pleasure passes by with music and flags; when the senses quiver and tremble, whoever stands apart, whoever does not dash into the good campaign, the one leading to the conquest of pleasures and passions is foolish and irreverent.

All the laws of morality – badly understood, badly applied – are zero and cannot stand up even for a moment, when the Regiment of Pleasure passes by with music and flags.


The man who walks freely on the tracks of the Self-God, knows that the only thing that is important is his work on the way of Love and Union, and nothing else exists besides this.

What, therefore, man must do is to escape from the static state of the mind's dependence and proceed to the disengagement, without going against whatever his heart dictates to him. He is called to follow what he wants, without the censorship of social mind and without inhibitions, without remorse and externally incumbent life patterns, because often the barriers he sets up do not belong to the Eternal Laws, but are hidden fears.

The feeling of joy and desire, this will be the guide for what "must" be for us and let us not fight to install an establishment autocratically because reason dictates that it is the most correct one. After all, more correct or wrong does not exist, because each person's life is conscripted – whether he has realized it or not – into a specific road which dictates all the partial conditions.


Do not let a single shadowy virtue hold you back. Do not believe that a single obligation binds you. (…). Your duty is to enlist as a faithful soldier, with simplicity of heart, when the Regiment of Pleasure passes by with music and flags.


The body is not subject to laws inviolable and common to everybody. This means that we must neither overestimate its presence, nor protect it excessively, but use it to such an extent so as to advance the matters of the soul. A garment which is not worn out does not necessarily mean a provident person, but often an inert and cowardly owner. Therefore, let us use our body in accord with our immaterial self and for its own sake. We should not fight against our self, we should not try to impose on it characteristics which do not belong to it, because this disorientates us more than what we are afraid we must not do "because they are not right". We must go along together with our self and support it.

And if something displeases us, we must neither consume ourselves in evaluations and guilt, nor in the effort to stop it displeasing us and to accept it axiomatically, but we should move creatively and act in the direction of its change and its replacement with something that would satisfy us. God has assigned to us our field full of thorns and stones, and we must not accept it – something that most of the time is a disguised fear – but work in order to make it fertile and beautiful. After all, real love is a power of transforming everything, and not of immobilization on one level and of preservation of a form, even when this is given by God. God embodies the capability of its evolution in every form, and man, moving out of love and working patiently, is called on to develop it.

Therefore, let us not fear changes; just examine our motives, sanctify them, purify our dreams and entrust the continuation to our Holy Collaborators, our guides and Masters, who tirelessly and lavishly guide us, through our Conscience.

Joy and myrrh of my life is the memory of the hours
when I found and sustained sensual pleasure as I desired it.
Joy and myrrh of my life for me, who abhorred
every enjoyment of routine loves.

Let us advance in life following our heart, even when our inner voice guides us to paths hidden from the majority of people and to evaluations different from whatever is in effect in social life. Let us not forget that we must not name relationships, because only God has named. Let us seek the name that God gave us, therefore, and that is the name of Love.

Like the atoms, which interlace with each other and shape more complex accumulations of matter, or the stars, which join in groups of galaxies, the same happens with man: during his course man assimilates other energies, im-personal ones from the environment, or even personal ones, i.e. entities which resemble his nature, without them being on the same level as him so as to have an autonomous existence, and in that way he unites in a constantly more expanded existence. This goes on also after the transition from this lives' cycle to the next, where human souls, depending on the people they have loved, unite into more powerful bodies with widened consciousness, condensed power and expanded action. This will become better understood, when people are able to comprehend the evolutionary course of the Universe.

From dematerialization onwards, there exists the "we" only. Encounters are made constantly and constantly each one becomes one with each other. Souls entangle with each other like the branches of a tree. We are one and everybody. That is also why people on earth unite and separate countless times, an unavoidable process until they succeed the final stage of the definite union.

The sacrament of matrimony is so important technically too for the official religion and the social institutions as much as for the people, as imposed by their inner voice, instinct, because it symbolizes and subconsciously reminds people of their ulterior aim. Universal sacraments are inscribed in the subconscious and appear in people's life even if they do not comprehend the reason for their existence according to earthly data.

People, who get married, experience the specific side of their relationship, pieces of which they have already experienced in previous lives, meaning other types of relationships. The relationship of a couple is the antechamber where an existing relationship is being judged, and if it succeeds, then the companions proceed to the real Union, the common Life, the perfect Co-living.

Their love surely was not the same as before;
attraction had gradually diminished,
(its attraction had greatly diminished).

Our need for our own person is usually shadowed by our denial to recognize it. Insecurity, antagonism and rivalry, which characterized our relationships in previous life cycles, appear intense in the present cycle as well, driving us to one more energy loss, a separation. On the other hand, the realisation of the uniting is dictated imperatively by the nature of the Soul, that is why we exchange the "for ever" from the first moment:

Besides when his friend had said "for ever
we shall have love" – both the one who said it
and the one who heard it, knew it was conventional.
One night after the cinema, and the ten
minutes they stayed at the bar, a longing kindled
in their eyes and in their blood
and they went off together, and the "for ever" was said.

Besides their "for ever" lasted for three years.
Quite often it lasts less.

Too elegant, and too smart
was he, to take the matter tragically;

Let us enlist as faithful soldiers, with simplicity of heart; until, for that matter, we are able to familiarize with the "we", until we accept our need for the other and not entrench ourselves in earthly pettiness, until we are given the all-embracing love and strengthen in It, we will always return together. Let us distance ourselves from our self, let us deny our will, because the companion must love the companion more than his self.

Souls that love never separate from each other.