Voices ideal and beloved


46. At the peak of our spiritual life, when Imagination built an immaterial, solid house, which destiny does not shake, our earthly vessel reaches the point of being in the position to respond to vibrations sent by higher frequencies.

These things he timidly imagined as a disciple are opened up,
manifested right before him.

And wonder-stricken he sees new worlds of Good.

In perfect delectable tranquility,
the most highly witty thought, the one emanating from a widened conscience, is the link with higher substances and can permeate them. Therefore, at some moment, when we have entered the temple of great beauty – our self – in our mind's hearing we can conceive thoughts from the ethereal world, thoughts coming from someone who has relinquished his earthly form.

Ideal beloved voices
of those who have died or those who are
lost to us like the dead.

At times in our dreams they speak;
at times in thought the mind hears them.

And for a moment with their sound, sounds return
from the early poetry of our life –
like music, in the night, far off, that is fading.

We can then come in contact with Beings higher than ourselves in the Hierarchy of evolution, who we call Masters; entities who live and work in other dimensions, permeate the frequency of the earthly dimension with their consciousness and allow us to tune in to them.

Utterly in reverie and in suggestive rapture, we will start to hear sounds and words – beloved voices – at the place where, before, it seemed to us as endless silence and to distinguish spiritual shapes – the Shadows of Love – at the place where we thought we saw a formless empty space before. " …A little while, and ye shall not see me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see me…" (John 16:16)

One candle is enough.  Its dim light,
is more suitable, it will be more appealing
when Shadows come, the Shadows of Love.

One candle is enough.  Tonight the room
should not have too much light.  In perfect reverie
and in suggestion, and in the low light –
thus in reverie I shall visualize
for the Shadows to come, the Shadows of Love.

The more a soul evolves in the spiritual Hierarchy, its consciousness widens. The consciousness of those we call Masters is so wide, that it has now lost its "individuality" which we lend to it. Evolution of the soul is a course from the point towards infinity, in the shape of an upside down pyramid. The pyramids which exist on Earth are symbolic buildings, which depict this course reversely, wanting to show the earthly course of man's recurring lives: the soul, initially a point in its immaterial form, evolves on an earthly level going through successive experiences, and in that way it extends its consciousness up to a point. That is why earthly pyramids "open" up to a certain point (base), the intersecting point with the Earth, something that symbolically shows that the Earth by definition sets limitations to the evolution towards infinity. Earthly life is in other words, a phase, a stage of development. Afterwards, man separates from his earthly material body and goes on to further levels.

The Masters who are working on Earth, many of whom we know, confine themselves to certain ethereal shapes – the Shadows of Love – so as to make it possible for the incarnated people to "recognize" them and become able to communicate with them.

When the amorous glimmer of dawn embraces Thessaly,
vigour from the life of gods
passes through its atmosphere; and at times an ethereal
figure flies over its hills.

The Master is an immense concentration of energy that has acquired the capability of multiple consciousness. This means that he can be "conversing" simultaneously in many dimensions, "acting" on many levels of life, i.e. he has the capacity to "be present" at the same time and consciously at many different points of the Universe. The energy of a Master, always according to his Deed, expands more and more, until it touches the point of Perfection, of God, of the "omnipresent and all fulfilling" being.                
When we ask to communicate with a Master, let us not consider that the conversation with one of the students means – like on the earthly plane – exclusive occupation. Man is a very limited consciousness: like a telephone device. The Master, in corresponding terms, is a huge telephone exchange, with full control of communication of all individual devices at the same time.

Man can have awareness of only one of the functions of his higher self each time, and rarely does he experience simultaneous conscience. That is why it is very difficult to realize the extent of the Master's consciousness. The disciple is called on to offer his self as a means of realization of the divine Energy, even if he is not able to understand the process. This hyper-coverage happens when the disciple is capable of exercising such control on his self, so as to render himself a good, becalmed channel. His ego will be well shackled and disarmed; otherwise such a process may turn out to be a disharmonious transmission.

Sometimes, of course, the hyper-coverage happens unbeknown to man, so he himself, since he does not participate consciously, is also safe. This, however, cannot happen often and easily, that is why the conscious participation of the disciple is preferable. Then the energy can be better directed towards the world, without forcing the free will of a particular person.

47. We are in the era of the New Revelation. Let us trust the voice of the Masters, who so bounteously help us and guide us. Their truths are omnipotent and concern us all. The Masters can lead us only as long as our free will permits them to do so, that is why we should fervently desire their presence in our life, we should invoke them, we should leave our thinking blank for their voice to be imprinted there.

I wish more to see than speak.

The connection with the Source means dialogue with the Masters and Guides, operative action without fear, but having reduced them to the principles and the laws. Our Masters are constantly present, guides and protectors, and see to it that the way opens and that we see it. They are here to neither judge us nor scold us, but to help us. They have all gone through similar weaknesses, and know to recognize how difficult all this is for us. They are "meta-earthly" people, who fight Evil and Disharmony, who side with Eternal Light. This is not the only force, however. Evil is trying to strengthen itself and its catalytic powers are closing in upon the world. All those who wish to work with them against this Evil, are always in contact with them, as well as with other individuals who act for the same purpose. These are now inside the Deed, because they requested it, they chose it and were judged worthy of it; they never forget that the only importance consists of the attainment of God's Plan for humanity.

It is both difficult and rare
to be made a citizen of that city.

Therefore, we should let our heart be a blank page where the words of God will be written down. Let us not allow other elements to blacken the space that is destined to accept the divine light and let us not shut our eyes to the way we ourselves have carved out. These ideal, beloved voices, never silenced their truths from us, the earthly people. Many times we hear their voice within ourselves giving light to our questions and guiding us, without us realizing that it derives from them, since they remain unseen for all those who cannot yet see them on their own initiative.

Gods do not die. Faith dies,
faith of the ungrateful mob of mortals.
Gods are immortal. Silver clouds
hide them from our gaze.

When a Master wishes to talk to a person, the phenomenon of hyper-coverage allows him to come directly in contact with him through his language, just as in every wider total its sub-totals are contained. In that way the Master "identifying" himself with the person, talks to him as if it were the person's own voice.

at times in thought the mind hears them  

The unfolding of events in our lives is to a great extent due to Their mediation, as they are aware of the messages we bring to this world, and our wider destiny. Their wish is to help us shorten and complete our course auspiciously; because the disciple's victory is glory for the master. Let us seek, therefore, their help, this graces their work, and let us not worry if, for a while, they seem far away from us.

Every Master has undertaken some specific work that concerns one section, but this happens only for reasons of modus operandi. The levels of the Hierarchy are several and not necessarily valuated in rungs of superiority. Each one simply covers some other sectors and corresponds to other needs. In reality, Hierarchy does not consist of rungs and office, as a man may imagine, because the consciousness of the Masters is broadened in width and levels so as to hyper-cover the sectors of the work. When, therefore, we address a particular Master, it does not mean that we exclude the communication with another one or others, and when a Master communicates with us, this does not mean the absence of the rest of them.

We must comprehend that consciousness constantly widens to the Infinite, and the Infinite is none other than another manifestation of the One and Whole. This will help us comprehend that the evolution of the soul leads to its expansion in the Infinite, i.e. its identification with the Absolute One, to the unification with the Universe, its absorption inside the One Soul, God.

Just as the Unit which contains the whole infinite system of numbers within it, without it being altered qualitatively (1x1=1, 1:1=1), likewise God is inherent inside every creation of His, without this constituting division of the Whole (1:1=1), and every creation is God himself and not part of Him.

48. While thought recalls sparks of light from the inner memory, for a moment sounds return from the early poetry of our life.

The image of my new body,
since nine o' clock when I lit the lamp,
has come and found me and reminded me

From now on the image of that past which we know, and for which we came back, begins to be configured within us as we are able to remember a great deal, even from that old life. That was the Paradise mentioned in the holy texts, and out of which the people were forced because of their greediness, in order to start their course from the beginning again, by means of a hard and laborious road. By losing all traces from the past, they named their old sovereigns gods. The "gods", however, did not abandon them, and returned many times to offer them pieces of the Truth, so that they find the way of return again.

Oh land of Ionia, it is you they still love
it is you their souls still remember.

The Universal White Brotherhood – the invisible, secret company that will suddenly, be heard passing by at midnight with exquisite music, with voices – are those old inhabitants of the Earth in the first years of its historical existence. The planet was created from a thought-form of the will of the Sons of God, who, through the Sun which constitutes an energy "passage", were installed in this thisness of material dimension. On the same planet the Sons of Man were offered hospitality, and about the era of Pisces it was bequeathed to them once and for all, together with the capability of becoming able – if they evolve enough – to change over to the ancestral Race of Gods. This was announced to them through the lips of Jesus and was called Resurrection. From then on the choice of the course was left to their own will.

At the present moment the Sons of Man are at a critical point of their evolution, where their will should be directed towards a higher awareness.

For precisely this reason, many of the Gods return to the beloved Earth either as incarnated beings or as "Voices". But also the souls, which completed the first cycle of lives, return bodiless and guide those who retrogress.

Oh, holy Thessaly, they still love You,
their souls remember You.
In gods, just like in us, memories blossom,
flutters of their first love.

Three of Jesus' disciples – those who were ready to experience the result of their own metamorphosis – saw the ethereal form of the Saviour and heard His Voice.

"... And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Comforter to be with you forever - the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept it, because it neither sees it nor knows it. But you know it, for it lives with you and will be in you. I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live. On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you." (John, 14:15-24)

Many times we have said that the Truth is to be found beyond where the eyes see. And here now, our Science tells us that the world is none other than the microcosm of the primary particles, which we, of course, cannot see. It also tells us about a Universe with dimensions which tend towards the infinite, gives us inconceivable numbers – and we still insist on asking for the verification of the Truth through our senses, which the only thing they understand is the "lie".

Let us not seek Him, therefore, in the world of humans, because it is not about a person, but the very Source of Light itself. He was born as a man in order to convey a trace of the Truth to us. Even our scientists speak about the energy of Light, but we refuse to believe Him, because our eyes do not see Him! But just think that our eyes do not see electrical energy either, yet nobody dreamt of doubting it.

Jesus, the Son of God, the one who we once met on this Earth and believed conveys the words of the Father to people, is everyone and the One, He stands here by our side in order to guide us back to the Truth and the Light. It is the Power and its materialization, that which existed and that which exists for Ever. He, who hears His Voice is inside His Body and knows that he is being fed with Eternal Truth. He does not need to seek because he knows, he does not need to be persuaded because he experiences. Let us follow Love, allow our eyes to see beyond the Here and the Now, and He Himself will be our assistant in this. Let us forget the limitations which people are used to setting their selves, and discover the New Life.

At the head of the great imposing procession
a handsome adolescent dressed in white,
with uplifted arms, holds the Cross
our strength and our hope, the holy Cross.
the strength, the salvation of the world, the Cross.

Together with Him we can beat every moment that ties our thought down to troubled realities, with Him we can walk along without anxiety about this or the other world, because we know that the Truth is Eternal and Omnipotent. Let His Birth be a symbol of spiritual rebirth and infusion of strength in our heart and let His Resurrection defeat every idea of death within ourselves.

He is always here because he is our self.

49. We saw that in order to hear the Voices and see the Shadows of Love, the Poet made external preparation (candle, dim light, silence, reverie, suggestion, visualizing) but the preparation is basically internal: communication with the other side is the result of a huge course of evolution of a whole life or lives. Indicatively Pythagoras, before safely opening his existence to the invisible planes, completed his learning in Greece and after that he was initiated in Egypt for 22 whole years!

The metaphysical quest, as far as the cycle of life on Earth is concerned, must neither replace earthly life, nor be used as an alibi for escaping. Besides, this quest has been entrusted only to specific people, and again with the ultimate aim to be used in order to facilitate life in its earthly frameworks.

Therefore, even if man manages to open up, to widen the ability to take in the truth, he must not forget that the aim of his life lies only in this particular and specified present and he ought to focus on this.

In order for someone to pass from intellect to intuition, he must have completed a cycle of self-awareness and outflanked the level of earthly skillfulness and achievements. The Poet observes of himself: I feel an extraordinary ability within me. I have a conviction that if I wanted, I could become a great physician, or lawyer, or economist, or even an engineer.

Besides now he can choose, and he already knows that this is refuted by itself. That is why the metaphysical quest begins with safety only when the physical quest has been completed and conquered. An energy blockage is enough for someone to become the pawn of negative emanations. An "Achilles' heel" – a fear – is as we know enough to disrupt the whole existence.

From imagination to Paper. (Namely, from the subconscious, to the conscious). It is a difficult passage, it is dangerous waters. The distance seems short at first sight, but how long a journey it is, and how harmful at times to the ships which attempt it.

The metaphysical edifice is neither built arbitrarily nor constitutes an ungrounded theory without basis. It is firmly built step by step, only on top of a solidly structured physical edifice. This presupposes that personal matters have been resolved, emotion has been reduced to the hyper-dense point of a-pathy and thought has exhausted its creative capacities and courses.

And then as an old man, cast anchor on the island,
rich with all you've gained along the way,
not expecting Ithaca to give you wealth.

Ithaca gave you the wonderful journey.
Without her, you would never have set out.
She has nothing more to give you.

The metaphysical edifice is broadened knowledge which, however, no matter how much it may broaden, never loses its connection with the axis which runs through Logic.

After arriving at the white paper port
(the conscious) – new sacrifices are demanded again. The customs' officers come (Logic) – and examine one item and consider whether they should allow the unloading; they refuse to let another kind be unloaded; and from some merchandise they accept a small quantity only. The land has its laws. Not all goods have free entrance and smuggling is strictly forbidden. The import of wines is restrained because the continents, from which the ships originate, produce wine and spirits from grapes grown and matured at much higher temperatures. The customs' officers do not want these wines at all. They are highly intoxicating. They are not suitable for all heads. Besides, there is a company in the land, which has the monopoly of wine. It makes liquids, which have the colour of wine and taste like water and you can drink them all day long without getting dizzy at all.

Spiritual life begins by itself, simply and naturally, with the fullness of time, without man making any special effort; one should nοt force his entrance into planes which he ignores.

The theurgies and Julian's visits to pagan temples; the enthusiasm for the ancient gods, worried his teacher and his brother, who characterized them as misguided and perilous things for an unprepared disciple. Even Oedipus– symbol of the man who was judged ready to accept initiation …

Oedipus fell at her first onslaught,
he was terrified by her first appearance –
such a figure and such speech
he had never imagined until then.

Then, it is possible that man may feel the existence of a being or beings, in the form of inner voices or a vision, from the lower vibrational planes, given that the invisible world contains the whole range of energy qualities, just like the earthly one. And when the port is not deep enough to accept them, man is unable to distinguish the real meaning of the messages he is receiving and it is inevitable that he misinterprets them.

The first damage is due to the extremely fragile nature of the goods carried by the ships. In the markets of Imagination the most and best things are made of thin glass and transparent tiles, and despite all the care in the world many break on the way, and many break when they unload them onto the shore.

50. These spiritual germs of the invisible world mislead man to a fictitious reality, striking his immunity system slowly and gradually.  Consciousness is deconstructed out of Dread and man experiences the "abomination of desolation". The examples from the Unpublished History are not few: immature personalities have become receptive to such powers which have acted on their imperfections, awakening secret passions and ambitions greater than those they could handle:

Often Justinian's gaze
provoked horror and revulsion in his
servants. They suspected something that they dared
not say; when by chance one night they became sure
that he was indeed a demon from Hell itself:
he came slowly out of his room,
and wandered around headless in the chambers of the palace.

Let us be sure that every thought can be controlled and banished from our mind, so let us not allow dark thoughts to take us over. Even when we feel too weak to beat them, let us try to push them away, think of something bright and pure, let us pray, and after a while we will realize that they have disappeared by themselves, because we did not allow them to find space and take root. Let us keep on repeating the holy words the Lord revealed to us, and let them work by themselves, even when we feel completely powerless to try. Let the Power fight for us and we will surely be winners.

Don't you see how the demons immediately vanished
when they saw me making
the sacred sign of the cross?

We must learn to chase away every bad thought that intrudes uninvited. Otherwise, the ideal, beloved voices will gradually turn into ideal suspicions and the divine guidance into manipulation. Just like Hamlet, man will start tracing concentric circles, following cyclical paths, in a closed course, which constitutes a dead end for the soul. The roads, which will seem open, will hide corruption and loss.

My mind travels to faraway places.
I walk in the streets of Elsinore,
I stroll around the squares, and I recall
the most grievous story,
that unfortunate king,
whom his nephew killed
for some ideal suspicions of his.


Why his nephew killed him
they never said with certainty.
He suspected him of murder.
The basis of his suspicion was
that one night when he was walking
on one of the ancient ramparts,
he thought he saw a ghost
and had a conversation with it.
And he allegedly heard from the ghost
accusations against the king.

It must surely have been the excitement
of the imagination and an optical illusion.

The most tragic thing is that at this stage, man is not in the position any more to realize that he has surrendered himself as a hostage to the negative forces: the place of Truth within him has been taken over by Delusion, with which he co-operates with his own free will. The customs' officers on the other hand are not infallible, and several of the restricted goods pass through inside deceptive cartons that have one thing written on top of them but contain another (…).


(This, however, was never clearly proven)
He also spoke about poisoned wine,
poisoned by the king.
Laertes said that too, it's true.
But wasn't he lying? Wasn't he deceived?
And when did he say that? When wounded
he was dying and his mind was wandering
and it seemed that he was delirious.
But Horatio out of necessity
also made the ghost a witness.
The ghost said this, said that!
The ghost did this and that!

As they were listening to him talking about these things,
most of the people in their conscience
felt sorry for the good king
whom with ghosts and fairy tales
they had killed unjustly, and now was lost.

51. Dreams are usually visualized thoughts; that is why night prayer was provided, in order to "clear" the inner world and prevent certain unfortunate thoughts from appearing.

The transmission of light raises the vibrations and tunes in both the transmitter and the receiver with the divine vibrations. That is why prayer, the uttering of divine verbs, the inner projection of light, clears man from parasitic thoughts and calumnies. When one does not feel certain about the purity of his thoughts, he must become attuned to the high divine vibrations, and then examine the truth, since he is transferred to high spheres and there, every kind of parasite is lost – as if changing station on his radio. Even when some dreams emerge, which drag up ambiguous scenes, let us examine whether they originate from the high or low vibrational plane of the self.

At night, O Christ my Lord,
protect my mind and soul
when they start to walk around me
Beings and Things that have no name
and their fleshless feet run in my room
and they circle around my bed to see me –
and they look at me as if they know me
as if they guffaw voicelessly now that they are scaring me.  

I know it, yes, they are awaiting me
as if reflecting on abhorrent times
when perhaps I groveled with them – in the dark
involved with these beings and things.
And they are frenzied for the return of the first time.
But it will never come again; for I am saved,
baptized in the name of Christ.

I tremble when I feel at night
when I sense that in the deep darkness,
there are eyes fixed on me …
Hide me from their sight, my Lord.

And as they speak or creak, do not let
any of their blasphemous words reach my ears,
lest it bring into my soul
some dreadful memory from the concealed things they know.

Whoever has the Light within him, is the one who attracts the Light and repels Darkness and its forces, that is why it is important for someone to live in that state of brightness, clarity, crystal transparency, so as to mirror these respective elements within himself. Whoever is concerned with disagreeable thoughts, makes the Darkness stop its motion and install itself within him.

When we seek the value of our self, let us seek His Body. It is there that – with vigil and much diligence - we will find the hidden dimension. And each time a Nightmare - / offspring of stray matter - / troubles our sleep, / reflecting unknown and dreadful ghosts, He will be by our side in order to resurrect us, defeating death for one more time.

he understands that so much noise
and such agitation were in vain
for a worthless shadow of a dream.
He laughs at his cowardice and his great terror
and he, calm, lies down again.

No one comes into our energy if it does not attract him. There is no one way street for energy; everything functions two ways. So, incarnated or non-incarnated entities, which harass us, will not bother us in the future, if we will not absorb them. There is no way to drive them back, simply let us not attract them. Let us not try to understand why they approach us, let us try to understand why we draw them to us, why we carry them within our soul, why our soul sets them before us. Until we realize our own need, we shall keep on attracting them. The experience is repeated until the time of awareness comes. The lessons are repeated as long as knowledge does not exist. There is no way to understand it if we do not experience it directly.

Ptolemeus' teacher Theodotus advised his disciple to kill Pompeius and present his head to Julius Cesar. An invisible, bodiless Theodotus can visit each one of us at any time.

And do not rest assured that in your life,
confined, tidy and mundane,
no such spectacular and awful things exist.
Perhaps at this very hour, in some neighbour's
well-kept home, Theodotus –
invisible, bodiless – enters
carrying just such a frightful head.

We ought to save our energy field, to save our energy for those who have the strength to accept it, to keep it from the eyes of souls which can impair it, from the malicious and the ones with feeble energy.

When the space is dominated by dark energy, this also permeates our own area. The involvement with inferior energies demands double vigilance, constant and uninterrupted connection with the Cosmic Source and strengthening which perhaps we do not possess at the particular moment. We ought to reinforce our resistance to the spiritual germs not only by strengthening our knowledge, but also by avoiding exposing ourselves to unhealthy environments. A healthy environment, with each and every possible meaning of the term, always has a reinforcing effect. We are neither destined, nor ready, to cure the cancer of the soul; so, let us restrict ourselves to isolating it or cutting it from the healthy body.

Far away from us, always stay far away from us
(for as long as they do not renounce their delusion).

The experiencing of emotions has deep roots in the unification with the Universal Soul. Just like clear water that goes through a pipe and cleans it, in the same way Love – which is the synthesis of the positive feelings, just like white of the colours – "cleans" the person through whom it flows. On the contrary, just like acid burns up and destroys a pipe, the same way negative feelings burn up and destroy firstly the person himself who invokes them.

Outwardly – silence and immobility covered him.
Within him – he was rotted by the envy of life, cowardice,
sensual leprosy, foolish stubbornness, wrath, malice.

So, let us not punish those who live with hatred, because they themselves have condemned their selves. Let us have compassion for them and pray for them to change.

(The prince was nervous to the extreme.
When he was studying in Wittenberg, many
of his fellow students took him for a maniac).

A few days later he went
to his mother's to discuss
some family matters. And all of a sudden,
while he was talking, he lost control
and started shouting, yelling
that the ghost had appeared in front of him.
But his mother saw nothing.

And that same day he killed
an old nobleman for no reason at all.

Illness is the manifestation of the damage provoked by the conduction of negative forces. And even the switch cannot change a course traced out a long time ago. So, we see people suffering with no reason "obvious" to us, because we do not have the capability of knowing their overall course in the world. For them, we must not think inquiringly only, but energetically we should urge them to change course, so that at some time – a point in time which may not be visible to us – the corruption stops and the regeneration begins, the "reformation" of their self, the rehabilitation into Harmony. Otherwise, they will be driven to disintegration – but this is very difficult, because the tolerance and strictness of the Universe leads to self-awareness and the "return to Paradise".

It is really unlikely for someone to be eventually driven to complete catastrophe because he is given many opportunities. The most important of all, as we mentioned, is the loss of the memory of previous lives.

Jesus defeated death in people's thinking, reminding us of the way of Eternity. Death is in effect only for those who avoid the trial of life seven times. Then, they are transmuted and fall to the primary stages of life, because they did not manage to gather the constructional materials to build a body of light within themselves. This decomposition they undergo, takes away their consciousness, which they may reacquire if they come to love life in their new course. Synthesis is the distinguishing mark of the stages of development. Synthesis, in other words clustering, is the convergence of powers of the impersonal Universe around a centre of "volition" or "will", as we know it, which constantly expands, uniting itself with other like elements. The degree of evolution determines the consciousness of this initial centre-pole as well, which from one point onwards acquires an autonomous existence of its own free will, self-propelling into space-time. That is why volition is such a sacred and inviolate characteristic, because it constitutes the primary structural characteristic of this core, which is also the threshold of creation. Love is the power that moves the process of constant clustering and widening of the centre into one body that tends towards infinity, to God. Love, omnipresent, reminds us of the way of Unification, of Life, it separates us from the decomposition to which we are led by splitting, death.

When Christ appeared on Earth, the death of the Soul was the way for the people. The new Age, which lies ahead of us, will open up wider horizons to Eternity, which will be justified by the convergence of knowledge, insight and awareness.

52. The spiritual person walks along a watertight and fragile road. Because of his position in the Plan, he must necessarily move in two worlds, without essentially belonging to either of them. This creates a simultaneous overcharging of all the energy centres and demands very strong resistances so as not to cause the destruction of the vessel. The "pulses" of his own vibration do not attune easily to the earthly environment; this makes him feel as if he is continuously swimming against a current. This factor is what acts on him as fatigue or a negative mood and lack of vigour. The fatigue he feels is due to the fact that his memory is active. Hyper-coverage demands completely different work, on a mental level, from the usual one; this forces a person to be especially vigilant, and it also tires him.

He is, moreover, called to reconfirm his desire from time to time; he is asked if his choice is still valid, through painful exercises for the soul, because only he, himself is capable of affirming whether the vessel is in readiness to face the hyper-functioning of the energy centres.

However, he constantly moves forward without allowing his self to be immobilized in the emotion of fear. Immobilization is the real reason which creates the need for fear, because the way of knowledge is tiring. "There, where the light is brighter, the shadows are deeper", Goethe wrote, but Jung also expressed in his diary a corresponding situation of his existence: "The greater certainty is, the more superhuman the doubts are, the catastrophic powers of hell."

Within these dark rooms where I live through
oppressive days, I pace up and down
trying to find the windows. - When a window
opens, it will be a consolation.-
But the windows are not found, or I am unable
to find them. And perhaps it's better that I don't.
Perhaps the light will be a new tyranny.
Who knows what new things it will reveal.

People who "do not believe in God" do so because they are afraid that their faith will hurt them and this makes them His refusers. God knows that whoever is weak needs Him more and looks over them, with the certainty that they will find Him one day, and will glorify His name in the safety of His acceptance. Therefore, let us not accuse the ones who do not believe in God, because they will find Him one day, the way we also found Him.

The darkness of fear is densest just before the Light of Faith dawns on the horizon.

We must not become disheartened when we feel that we are being worn down by negative powers, because it is natural and expected that as humans we are subjected to such trials. The faster we leave them behind us, the easier we shall be able to maintain the tranquility of God within us.

Deep relaxation, even for a few minutes, recharges our powers. The association with people, who "transmit" on a similar wavelength, does so as well. (On the contrary, when we are around people, who detune us, let us see to "closing" our energy, distancing from emotional or spiritual exchanges). Finally, the occupation with the work we love, harmonizes us with the higher universal vibrations, that is why it is therapeutic even when we think that we are too tired to work. – And within art once more, I rest from its very toil. Let us not follow rhythms other than the ones our self indicates to us. Let us be attuned to our body, and listen to its messages.

Such a rest is needed: the labour is heavy.

And when the warrior is found in the dilemma about whether to keep everything he already has – which indeed is not little – or obey the Voice of his Self, there comes to him an echo from above not to abandon the struggle and not to stop at the oasis, because the oasis is not the final destination. To go out and confront the Desert, to go out on the road, determined and sure that he will find the way to tame the north wind or be saved from the bandits, when the time comes for it; he simply believes that at the given moment everything will be accomplished in the way that is best.

The Master renders his Voice to free spirits, is talking to those who do not want to listen to him in order to hear whatever pleases them. In this way, the person who was blessed with such a city – the direct communication with the Power -, bids farewell to the earthly life and enters the High World of Poetry; becomes a secret apostle, a minister of the divine. The Voice inside him, each time he doubts, whispers to him Friend, be tranquil; reflect and chant. A golden promise and a voice from above settle his worries, remind him each time he wavers: it is only a light mist that frightens your vision, and reassures him: the world you see is the true one.  

Everything exists and functions on the Way of Eternal Life. For him there will not be any dilemmas, but only struggles for the realization of that which already is.

Just like Oedipus, who solved the enigma of the Sphinx – as wise as he has come to be, with so much experience, / by now he'll have realized what Ithacas signify -, a fresh start awaits him with the "I know one thing, that I do not know anything"…

his soul clearly foresees
that the Sphinx will talk to him there again
with more difficult and greater
enigmas which have no answer.

We see the Universe to be what it is, because if it were different we would not be here to observe it. We will always have justifiable queries about life, and they will not be able to be satisfied, since the knowledge a man is capable of having, is very limited in relation to the Laws of the Universe. "The rest I will tell to those who are down in Hades", says a Sophocles' verse.

"Indeed", said the proconsul, closing the book, "this
verse is beautiful and quite correct;
Sophocles wrote it philosophizing profoundly.
How much we will say there, how much we will say there,
and how different we will appear.
Those things we hold like vigilant guards here,
wounds and secrets that we shut within us,
with daily weighty anguish,
freely and clearly we shall speak there".
"He added", said the sophist, half smiling,
"if they say such things there, if they care any more".

There are questions to which no answer is given to those who are still in the earthly dimension. There are queries that will be solved after dematerialization, of course if one continues to have these queries after dematerialization. Let us not forget that even the knowledge of a whole lifetime, constitutes learning of a temporary life.