Whoever desires to strengthen his spirit


53. Everything has its own turn and meaning. The more someone approaches the moment and focuses on it, the more he misses the overall plan, a tile of which is the particular moment. Certainly, every plan has an ascending and evolutionary course and this is evident with everything in nature. This, therefore, provides man with the certainty that all the partials finally compose a picture of beauty and harmony, perfection and completeness and this must be exactly the vision of faith.    

Nobody asks us to employ psychological tricks of self-deception, as for example the one of forcefully imposing "optimism", but to use our mind in order to ensure practical solutions to our problems, to search in life in order to find the bonds with life. If faith seems a utopia to us, let us give it up. And when we quit and seek the Truth of Life, we will then reach true Faith. Because Faith is the End, and Life is the desire for Faith.

Whoever desires to strengthen his spirit
should abandon reverence and subordination.
Some of the laws he will keep,
but mainly he will be breaking
both laws and customs and will leave from
the accepted and inadequate straightness.
From pleasures he will be taught a lot.
He won't fear the destructive act
half of the house must be demolished.
Thus he will grow virtuously in knowledge.

Let us listen to the Voice, and let us demolish it, so as to discover his true Face each time. Because whoever stays in faith, loses theTruth.  

This is the course that will lead us to grow virtuously in knowledge, meaning to realize that everything exists within ourselves and starts from there.  No other person or object offers us a "unique" opportunity for a certain experience. Our Self is the Creator, because our Self is God, and everything starts from there. Beauty, happiness, interest, everything starts from us. Even if everything around us disappears, we, by ourselves can create a Universe. This is the Creation of God, of the One, who from within His Self alone, created the Universe out of nothing (no-thing). Man creates his own universe in the likeness of God, initially through the way of self knowledge.

When he is deprived of all the subsidiary elements, he will then realize the essence of the Beginning out of the One. The One denotes the Unit in* which (inside which) the uni-verse** exists. The Soul is unable to realize this, if it continues its way by "leaning" on things which are outside itself. Through deprivation it finds its strength, it finds the unique way that leads to the divine Creation. And there the Soul coincides with its Self.

(* In the Greek text the word en is used, which means both one and inside.)
(** The Greek word for universe is synban, deriving from the Greek words syn + pan, which mean accordingly plus + everything.)

Only he who dares to divest his Self of all the elements with which he has "built" it in the course of life, can reach the Truth.

He, who divides successively, will himself manage to abolish matter, and face the a-tom* (the element which Democritus defined as that which cannot be divided any more). Then the atom (he means the atom-person) will recognize its Self, which will not identify with anything from the partials, since they will have been abolished, but it will be that Power which, having permeated them and by attracting them, makes them exist. Then the Self will be the Creator who "infused a breath into the soil" and made it His creation. This same Power can co-unite everything in infinite forms, but only if and as long as it knows that it does not identify with these forms, does it become conscious of itself. And only then can it remove its self-limitation and experience its freedom. For however long the Creator – or the Creatress (Power) - is identified with, meaning it is self-defined as the created, creation stops, because the creating Power is self-abolished, since it gives another name and content to its Self, other than what it is. Then, it needs to be divided indefinitely, so as to redefine its atom character, namely its separativeness from its creation. Then, it redefines its Self and the capability of creation, which had been temporarily lifted because of self-entrapment, comes again from within. And then, the structural concepts of freedom, happiness, joy and creativity are re-defined.

This is our Way, the Way of Being and not of Having. Our Universe can exist there, where the limits of form are lifted.

(* Atomon in the Greek text comes from the word a-tomon which means uncuttable, or indivisible, something that cannot be divided any further. Atomon also means person.)

54. By following in the steps of God, man will manage to find the Self again. Just like God, man can find the meaning of his existence in Creation, because he feels the need of self-realization and self-definition, through something more partial than himself.

For this reason let us reflect on the futility of human things, because this is a more articulate way to express what I called "uselessness of the effort and contradiction inherent in every human manifestation". Few characters, very few can – after they accept it – act according to this principle, meaning to refrain from every activity, except the one maintenance demands; most people must act; and even though they produce futile things, their inclination towards action and their subordination to it are not futile, because they are a consequence of nature or of their nature. Their action produces deeds that can be divided into two categories, deeds of immediate need and works of art. The poet performs the second one. Given that human nature thirsts for beauty which manifests itself in various forms – passionate love, order in his environment, landscape – he serves a need. An aimless work and the shortness of human life can denounce all this as futile; but because we do not know the relationship between future life and present life, even this can possibly be doubted. But delusion rests chiefly on this partial conception. The deed is not in vain if we set the person aside and we pay attention to the man. Here death or at least absolute death does not exist: the consequences are perhaps vast; here shortness of life does not exist, but its vast duration. Therefore absolute futility vanishes: at the most only relevant futility may remain for the person, but when the person dissociates himself from his deed and only takes into account the pleasure or the advantage it brought back for a few years and after that its greatest significance for centuries and centuries, even this relative futility disappears or greatly lessens.

The Poet's creation rests in the deeper merging of the Word and Discourse (words).

The Word constitutes the realization of the Spirit, that is to say its manifested appearance, its materialization on a material level. It is the Spirit that was breathed into Matter and gave life to it in the beginning of Creation. Every man connects with the Word, meaning he becomes a channel of the Spirit through the art or arts which concern the Word. When he himself becomes the channel, then he communes, meaning he communicates this to other people. In this way, Art unites people by tuning them into a primary harmony.

Discourse (words) as a partial, secondary manifestation, does not accomplish the "primary" connection, but it is used as the means for the manifestation of the Word. Talking provides the material components for the Word so as to be manifested into matter, like cells, bones and tissue provide the necessary elements for the body to be structured, which constitutes the manifestation of the Form, the Image.

The artist who uses the Word in his Art must be able to open up, meaning to touch other planes by widening his own plane, so as his human limits vanish and he is hyper-covered - without of course losing his identity – by the Power of the Word, which is found everywhere in the whole of the Universe.

I sit and muse in reverie. I brought
desires and sensations to Art - some things half seen,
faces or lines; some vague memories
of unfulfilled love affairs. Let me entrust myself to her;
She knows how to form the Shape of Beauty.
Almost imperceptibly complementing life,
combining impressions, combining the days.

Ancient tragedy is as holy and wide as the heart
of the universe, because the creator of the great Poetry achieves with his holy and wide heart to identify with the Creator who Made the world. That is why his poetry was born in the earthly dimension, but straight away it flew, and set the stage in heaven, where the immortals were its audience.

Perhaps we have wondered about the different language people speak. We have surely understood that this is a characteristic of the consciousnesses that have not been elevated to a certain level.

When the soul reaches and exceeds this limit, it abandons this configurational particularity and adjusts to a different kind of communication, without structural differences from one man to another. Thinking always functions faster than language, and that is why we may realize that many times we have the intellectual conception of a certain idea before it is expressed in words (vocabulary – syntactic structure).

The same language "imposes" the way of thinking on people of the specific linguistic environment, and this is a characteristic that evaluates the whole nation, but at the same time, the development of the language shows the capacity of the nation to evolve.

We must study our language because we do not know it. It has hidden treasures within it, and what treasures! Our concern must be how we shall enrich it, how we shall bring to light what it hides within.

The lifting of the limitations imposed by the lingual differentiation leads to the universality of the communication of beings.

Music, for instance, is given by God to the people as one more means of approaching eternal Joy. Music, through the most natural and perfect organ of vibration, man, becomes the bridge that unites human consciousnesses which are cut off, on the earthly level, with their Creator and Source. Harmony of music carries messages of certainty and hope to the "blind" man, carries him to his "homeland", to the "place" where he comes from and where he will be again, tunes into the vibration of Creation – what our ancient ancestors called "catharsis". We understand, therefore, how important it is for the Worker to clear his self from the previous marks of death, in order to be able to partake of the harmony of Life.

The role of Art in general is of great importance, because it gives the souls the capacity to touch the sense of unity with their Homeland for a while. Inside it, therefore, exist therapeutic attributes, as important as the ones of biological Medicine.   

The Workers of Art are Workers of Medicine, in its metaphysical sense, that is why it is very important that they are knowers of the importance of their work. Sometimes invisible powers act through them, and it is possible that their morals do not fall in line with their offering. After all, the Created is cut off from the Creator and lives autonomously. Certainly, it is possible for a creator's immorality to blemish a work, perhaps even indelibly. In all cases, however, judgment does not befit people; they can either be uplifted or not through a work, this is up to them.

Very often the poet's work does not have a fixed meaning: it is a suggestion; the ideas will be widened by future generations or his contemporary readers.
Plato, said that poets express great meanings without realizing it themselves.

Our voice is unique, just like the rest of our existence. Our voice will appear when we are not expecting it and when we decide to forget problems. Sound is sent from God for the people; we are only the resonator, the instrument. It is suffice we take care of our self, in order to become a clear channel and not hinder the voice of God by trying to control it. And then, we have nothing else but to open the channel of inspiration and let the divine element express itself, showing trust in the natural function.

The Word is truth, life, immortality.
Let's speak, let's speak – since within us speaks
divine thought, the soul's immaterial speech.

When we are able to open our self to the Light totally, then we will be addressing the world. We certainly understand that the process of the breaking down of our self is among the necessities for the attainment of the hyper-coverage process: the soul has healed its Light, man has healed his Voice, since the Voice is the transformed Light which God infused into man as Breath. The Poet transforms the Word into Poetry and carries, through his Art, the Truth, because his Voice is heard by the people: the Poet has become a spiritual Master.

55. In this redefinition of the Self, the man who became atomon* and dedicated himself to the Way and creation, experiences a voluntary solitude, the solitude which accompanies deeper awareness; one thing is enough for him, however: the joy that in the large addition / that has so many numbers, he is not there, / one of the many units.

(* In the Greek text the word "atomon" is used, which means "person" and someone who cannot be divided any more, as we have already mentioned in the previous note.)

Whether I'm happy or unhappy I don't even consider it.
But one thing I always keep gladly in mind –
that in the large addition (their addition that I hate)
which has so many numbers, I am not one
of the many units there. I was not counted
in the total sum. And this joy is enough for me.

The experiencing of separativeness is that situation which will lead man to the final realization of Unity with the Universe and God. The strict differentiation as a sense of separativeness, and the isolation within the narrow bounds of the schematized self, leads to the road of internal discovery of those "core" characteristics, which expand to the infinity of Existence. He, himself who lives in the vagueness of the space outside himself, has no chances on the road of discovering the Truth. Only if we turn our eyes inwardly, can we see where the paths of Knowledge begin and where they lead. Only when the voices silence, can we hear the Voice.

The sense of separativeness makes man discover the Unity with his Self, namely to differentiate the ones that belong to his own Unity from those that do not. In that way, he learns to understand what it is that constitutes the similarity in essence. By learning to recognize the affinity in a – small and limited – Whole, like man is, he can later perceive the affinity in the wider Whole, which is the World, another way of considering it. By learning to distinguish every colour separately, he learns to recognize the inner affinity of the colours and, in essence, their reduction in essence to one archetypal quality.

The same goes for emotions, as we said earlier.

Man will then be able to understand the concept of the Universe.

Every cell in the human body is "soaked" with man's personality, and no matter how vast the distances that separate these cells are – proportionately –, they all "know" that they work for the same volition, with a common goal and a common plan. The same too goes for man, who can simultaneously be the whole but also every cell separately, he can feel as a unit but also as an individual organ or member, and he has the power to act as one, but he can also act separately and influence one cell or a group of cells (just as, for instance, in the case of the self-cure of cancer). And inside this – human – being, you cannot locate where it is exactly and what exactly it is that gives the identity and the "face" to man, because this exists in every partial segment, but at the same time nowhere in a tangible way.

If we contemplate this truth, we may be able to better comprehend the concept of God. Because man was created in the image of God and is evolving in His likeness. Man inside God's Body is the cell which has the same volition as the One, but acts in an organized way in the Whole and at the same time is entrusted with a different life plan.

God is the One and the Whole, the actually Existent Being. The Being is the Universe, which was born from the Unit, just like the fetus is born from the Unit and grows out of its inner powers, or in other words, it expands in Time-Space.

Man's History can be sought in the history of the natural Universe or the biological cell. Because the cell retains in its memory the knowledge of the truth of its origin and its course, as well as of its "identity", just like man.

56. He, who grew virtuously in knowledge, has returned to his initial nature, the one of Primordial Love, there, where punishment is unknown and forgiveness is an instinct.

He removes every painful connection and allows himself to feel love and trust again, since from now on in his heart forgiveness dwells, great, endless, ancestral, instinct from the Metis, the crowning of supreme wisdom in the heavens. Love means offering without return, genuine forgiveness and understanding. He forgets, therefore, whatever detunes him, turns a blind eye to whatever hurts him and learns to essentially forgive, starting from his self:

Speak this remorse so it softens,
harmless certainly, but dangerously biased.
Don't blame and torment yourself for the past so much.
Don't give so much importance to yourself.
The wrong you did was smaller
than you think; much smaller.
The virtue which brought you this remorse now
was also then latent within you.
See, an incident which suddenly
comes back to your memory, explains
the reason for an action of yours that seemed to you
non praiseworthy, but now is justified.
Don't absolutely trust your memory;
you've forgotten a lot – various trifles –
that justified you well enough.

And don't think that you knew the wronged one
so well. He would've had charms you ignored;
perhaps what you believe (out of ignorance of his life)
to be terrible wounds inflicted by you
were not even grazes.

Don't trust your feeble memory.
Ease the remorse that is always
biased to chicanery against you.

Let us clear our love from the pollution of thinking: the clarity of the soul will have spoken, and we will rejoice because our fears will die for ever. Let us calm our insecurity; our way is straight and clear-cut. Let us not be afraid to rejoice, because the new joy is a divine gift which belongs to Eternity. Pain will vanish when we project the light of Knowledge upon it, until it is buried for ever in the space of non-existence.

The man, who thinks through the heart, does not become strict with those who follow the easy way, because they have not awakened yet. However, the most important thing is that from now on he can distinguish strictness from foolish revenge. If your judgment is strict, goddess Athena says to the mortal humans, let it be clear as well – spotless like a diamond, pure.

Great power "the poetry that forgives"! Poetry, which alone gives immortality – true, wide, unshakable immortality – and understands the truth more correctly because it thinks – if I may use this expression – through the heart.

Strictness is a personal attitude, it concerns the person who adopts it, and has nothing to do with those towards whom it is "addressed". Namely, a person is either strict or not in general, and cannot be strict in one certain direction only, because then there is a lie somewhere. Strictness is principally a behaviour towards the very self. Showing strictness means not deviating from your position, provided it is composed and represents an essential message. It means an unswerving, systematic and organized stance in life, it means for someone to accept and apply the Laws according to the level to which he has come to understand them, it means knowledge and critical ability. If the above do not exist, then we are not talking about strictness but selfishness and sometimes wickedness, which is manifested as lack of understanding or willingness to understand, as heartlessness, and surely it is very far from co-ordinating with the Laws.

Consequently, strictness – towards our self – is a notion identical to leniency – towards others – something which surely does not mean concession. Often, conceding shows fear of loss and effort to redeem certainty. So, concession means consent to stagnation: through strictness we must let the others "earn" what they desire. This does not imply any kind of vindictive spirit, but has to do with their freedom.

No matter how much we may know the Good and the Truth in some given moment, we cannot and must not consider that it is equally self understood by the others too, and enter the process of expecting it from them or punishing them because they did not manifest it. Neither this, nor their assessment belongs to our jurisdiction. We can only try to point it out and this as a basis means to accept and admit their freedom to find it or not. Otherwise, it is as if for instance we want to show how bad it is to take lives, by killing people.

Strictness naturally has nothing to do with negative feelings, such as wickedness, contempt of man, sense of imposition, and so forth, because it only denotes that man has discovered the Truth, has attuned to it, without deviating at all, so then he feels calm, secure and joyful. In this situation, he can feel nothing other than being flooded with love towards everybody and everything, understanding and the willingness to forgive. Being certain himself that he is on the side of the Truth, he emanates this certainty to those around him, and does not have any inclination to force them in any way to also see it, just as when one day we are bathed in the bright Sun by the sea and we are not in anguish - we do not even think – of trying to convince the ones next to us, that we are all experiencing a sun-kissed morning.

When things are not that self-evident, then we firstly examine our self, in order to become certain that our strictness is indeed siding with the Truth and not an intention to impose ourselves (with the aim to draw energy violently from the others, etc.). Afterwards we continue our course without "warnings", "threats" or other such like, and of course without consuming ourselves in convincing the others of what we are doing. It must be completely clear in our minds the sense that strictness concerns our self only, so it is not a behaviour towards others, does not manifest itself with words, let alone violent and pressing or apologetic ones, and most important, it cannot be accompanied by negative or anguished feelings.

Let leniency accompany justice.
Let your deed be guidance
towards the good and noble, and be prudent
management. Never foolish revenge.
Divinity doesn't demand a salary from you.

So, let us therefore remember that what we ought to show the weaker people is stability, decisiveness, and leniency, and "guide" them with our steps. Let us stay in strictness without withdrawal. The weak ones appreciate what they are scared of. The strong ones respect what they appreciate. Our self, however, must be kept humble, mild and full of kindness for our fellow human beings.

57. Humbleness is power and not weakness or "victimization", as many people say. The strong one, he who has sided with the Good and the Eternal, never feels insecurity or fear. He, who knows his Self knows God, and this gives him the extensiveness of the Universe and the density of the point; that is why he does not feel uncertainty, because he knows the true Existence and experiences it. He, who experiences Unity, does not worry about the separativeness of the Partial, but he sees convergence everywhere.

He who possesses the Knowledge and experiences the Truth is strong. He understands the past and forethinks the future, living at the same time fully in the present. Let us not forget that the future is none other than an extension of perception, and whoever has clear eyes can enter this state.

This man knows that he is subject to the Causality of Nature. He does not have the need to hyper-raise his self, because he knows it. Most importantly, however, he has no need to "convince" his self, because he experiences. Non-experiencing is perceived by the person as separativeness, since he knows on the one hand the "right" state, intellectually, but at the same time he is outside it as regards its realization. So bipolarity, splitting, is created, and this is the beginning of man’s anguish, the downfall from the One, the experiencing of separativeness, by extension, of solitude. The concept of solitude denotes that existence experiences an anti-thesis with something else, an object opposite it. The realization of separativeness causes pain, because it is a situation different from the very nature of the Soul, which is born in the absolute Unity and identification with the Universe.

Therefore we understand that the sense and mainly the experiencing of Unity creates power, whereas splitting creates weakness. Fear is the emotion which sets into motion the process of the effort to return to the primary unity through the realization (experiencing) of the splitting. Therefore, he, who is afraid of solitude, is the one who starts from it, in order to return to the primary unity.

He, who is at this point, differentiates his self from those surrounding him, and persists in differentiation – without seeing that in this way he preserves the situation of separativeness within himself, which later places him in the vicious circle of fear. On the contrary, he, who is really strong, meaning identified with the God-Self, he himself does not need to hyper-raise and differentiate himself, so he is really humble.

Blessed are all those who believe,
and, like King Manuel, end their days
robed most modestly in their faith.

Humbleness means being just as divine as human, just as great as small, just as equal to God as to the ant; to appreciate, admire and elevate your self so much as to become humble like a simple leaf, like a sunray, like a wave, things simple and humble, but also irreplaceable and wonderful. Who can create a leaf? Who can allege that it is not something perfect and admirable? Who can despise it?

The really humble man – he who keeps the proper faith - has been reduced to a-pathy, in the sense of the condensing of feelings into the hyperdense point of Love that identifies with the One. From the moment he decided to follow the Way consciously, he knows that not only has the deterministic progress of facts departed from his own will, but also that there is no possibility of deviation in the result.

The more we trust, the wider the way opens up in front of us.

Faith must be strong for whatever is distant and invisible. Man ought to know the Ethereal and the Eternal, touch it with the Spirit, even when he cannot conquer it.

The exorcism of the Lamia* happened thanks to the magnetism of Apollonius' glance, where all laughter, all talk stopped, the music silenced, all the flowers of the wreaths withered. The omnipotence of the Spirit was shown by Apollonius, Moses and others, when during the moment of their death-passage they dematerialized their material body by themselves, without leaving behind them the slightest trace.

(* A monster in Greek Mythology)


"To where did the Sage withdraw, where did he go?
After his many miracles
the reputation of his teaching –
which spread to so many nations –
he suddenly hid, and no one learned
with certainty what happened
(nor did anyone ever see a grave of his).
Some circulated the rumour that he had died at Ephesus.
But Damis did not record it; Damis wrote
nothing about the death of Apollonius.
Others said that he vanished into thin air at Lindos.
Or perhaps that other story is true,
that he ascended to heaven in Crete,
at the ancient shrine of Dictynna. –
On the other hand, we have that wondrous,
that supernatural appearance of his
to a young student of Tyana. –
Perhaps, the time has not come for him to return
and show himself to the world again;
or perhaps, transformed, he goes about
among us, unrecognizable. – But he'll appear again,
just as he was, teaching the right things: and then,
of course, he'll restore the worship of our gods,
and our aesthetic hellenic ceremonies."


In olden times they used to speak of magicians who had the power to create storms, tempests, who could defeat nature and subordinate it to their will. Such "magicians" also exist today, and they are none other than the people whose spiritual power is exceptionally great. Provided, of course, they do not become "sorcerer's apprentices" … But still even this is a necessary stage in order to realize how they ought to handle Power.

Man must not put himself in violation of the law of balance on this Earth. Then, his will incites the lower powers towards him, because they are being violated by a will which does not obey them but forces of other worlds.

Let us consider, though, that at times Power led other people to the cure of difficult diseases. So, if this happens, let us not feel remorse. The results are visible in Matter, and this is finally what we want to achieve and confirm. We must reach this conclusion by ourselves, we must conquer it, because no matter how much it appears in words, it does not become finalized. And the finalization of Faith is indeed on our way.

The more the power of the conscience increases, the more the obedience of matter intensifies. In fact, the more he believes in it, the more it will become strengthened. His position is consolidated and this fortifies his will; this means that his contribution is from then on indispensable and his responsibility also great.

But when he found himself in the darkness,
within the earth's dreadful depths,
in the company of Greek atheists,
and he saw immaterial figures appear before him
with halos and bright lights,
the young man was afraid for a moment,
and an impulse from his pious years
returned and he made the sign of the cross.
The Figures vanished at once;
the halos faded away – the lights went out.

There will come a time when he realizes once and for all the importance of inner power.  

Power is the ability to converge the interspersed forces, which exist all around in nature, in a specific direction and activate them towards some specific purpose. The personal consumption is intense, that is why he must be connected to the Source in order to bear the weight of this action. This in fact is the distinctive characteristic: when the action is in accordance with the Plan, then the connection is made automatically and the deed is completed. When the action contravenes the Plan, then connection is not successful, therefore the whole effort of the person who acts fails. In this way, he understands that everything that was not accomplished, was different from what ought to have been done. So, his power is not negated, which in any case has been bestowed on him by God himself and he ought to consider it present beyond any doubt.

That is why he must neither self-doubt, nor evaluate his self because his judgment cannot be formed when the knowledge is not accurate and complete. Not everybody can have the same power, this is natural, and it does not correspond to the mental level or the level of the soul of each person, but to the chapter of life he is going through.

58. The contribution of the spiritual man is especially important in the evolution of this world, since the motion is not always pre-decided and the counterbalancing forces are powerful.

It is not necessary for the spiritual man to direct his thought specifically and systematically in one direction in order for it to take effect. Of course, sometimes this happens because there is a certain specific incident that calls for immediate assistance. However, more generally, the emission of luminous energy in all directions is equally important for the surrounding world. In these cases man still radiates even while he is in a situation of conscience resting. This radiation is absorbed by the receivers who accept the specific band of the spectrum of radiation and are always enhanced without the transmitter being aware of it.

That is why it is especially important for the world that we are in a condition of bliss and joy, because in this way we become "transmitters" of divine energy, the one which we enjoy at that moment, being connected with the Highest Source.

The contribution of spiritual people is invaluable, even if their power in this specific world seems non-existent or, at least, weak. This happens because we, people, have limited overview of the world and we only take the things we realize with the senses into consideration. Spiritual man has intense activity on levels higher than the perceptibility of our senses and its results, often become visible with much difficulty. However, the powers which are activated in other dimensions are very powerful and we ought to respect them, even if it is impossible to perceive either them or their results.

And the water in the countryside -
makes a parody there  -
streaming into branches
which have no secrets;
watering the roots
that have a sickly sap;
flowing into the foliage
tied with threads
mundane and melancholic
hanging from the windows;
and washing feeble
plants (…)

This is the true meaning of life and let us not seek it in places where we have perception, because most of the time it is not visible. When we truly love this life, then we will realize for good and all that we can carry the bliss of the ethereal to the earthly life and this will also set an example for those around us. This was the gift of Birth and Resurrection, the unification of the earthly time with the cosmic time-less. The road to deification also exists in the very world we live in. If we achieve its discovery, we will not need to leave again in order to encounter it, we will install it in our world and will transmutate every disharmony into movement of life.

This life of ours is not a coercion; it is an offering of assistance to the lower levels of life, a transformation of barren ground into fertile.

Lift your mind toward the Lord

He is with us too, together with all those who call His name, He sympathizes with us and helps every effort, because cosmic life will never function properly as long as even a small part of the total, lives in disharmony. He knows that we are struggling against prejudice, connotations of the past and the ideas of others, He knows that the struggle against "reality" is dreadful. He also knows that the situation prevailing on Earth is ominous, and we rightly wonder about the future. We must, however, remember that whatever we consider impossible, this is subject to the will of God.

Let us believe in His light and love, in the power His name has, and we will transform the world. Let us not cry any longer, because the Mantle of His Light covers us, because He knows that our heart is sensitive. When directed thinking tires us, we can let ourselves connect with His Body, while our mind is resting, and then the offering will be equally important because He will be the one acting.

Not everybody's struggle is the same. Personal struggle is necessary for warriors, offering is equally necessary for healers.

The role of the healer is a blessing to his fellow men, but a difficulty to himself. Pain makes people cruel and unjust, and the work of the healer also lies in closing his ears to the words of pain and accepting with good grace what they ascribe to him, because they are without substance. He must not compete with someone in pain, not antagonize his unjust words, when he tries to heal him, not abandon him or when faced with his pain, withdraw in a cowardly fashion; pain that is shared is a blessing of God. He must continue when the patient loses his courage, must not get lured by the Sirens of temporary pity, he must be strong and determined to heal in the name of God.

Let him not claim the work for himself, let him be just the instrument of the will of God, accepting the result judged by His wisdom. No one can influence the course that has been predetermined, therefore let him not wish it out of vanity. Let him not try to interfere either with his spirit or with his body in the work of God. Let him guide his light to the one who suffers, without emotionally participating and without involving himself in it; he is called on to be absolutely logical and composed, sober from emotional insecurities, like a surgeon at the operating table.

The person, who asked to heal, acquired the responsibility of his wish. The universe entrusts him with lives and there is no room for error here. Therefore, let him feel trust in the road he follows, wrap himself in a shield of impenetrable light, draw the circle of theurgy around himself, and trust his guide. Nothing can threaten him if he goes along with the Power of Good.

And the drop of divine mercy falls upon the tormented earth.

Before we begin with what is planned, it is necessary to have ensured what will activate the planes we want to attract. In addition, let us not forget that we attract whatever resembles us, and a positive field will approach only a corresponding positive one. Normalization achieves harmony, whereas antithesis the cessation of functioning.

Physical fitness is absolutely necessary for someone to be effectual. The sun, the exposure to the wind and the sea transform the body into a solar battery, which "loads" energy and at the same time releases it to a large percentage. It is wiser if someone does not expose himself to the sun, when he has to perform a project that requires all his energy concentration on that same day. That's because the sunlight "forces" the physical body to function as a mirror, emitting as much energy as it collects from the environment, resulting in feeling fatigue and weakness afterwards. Concentration in a shady or dark but at the same time well ventilated place, helps the body inwardly concentrate and store energy, in order to use it, after a short period of time obviously, directing it towards the necessary target.

One candle is enough. Its dim light
is more fitting.

One candle is enough. Tonight the room
shouldn't have much light.

 The energy intake can be enhanced by "healing" in all people, but its transformation and further use and emission depends on the person himself. Therefore, it is possible for us to transfer pure energy to someone, and even to direct it to a particular centre of his, but he may immediately absorb it through a different centre and transform it, so the "healing" cannot be effective as far as its target is concerned. In this case, the responsibility of disorientation lies with the recipient himself, and no one can intervene in this, otherwise they violate free will.

Jesus himself transferred energy to those who were ready to receive it without trying to prevent it from reaching its target. Jesus has intuitively seen Faith in them, meaning letting themselves go in His hands, and that is why he addressed them with the "your faith has saved you". Faith, i.e. the confidence in the Knowledge and Love of the Masters, the resignation from any attempt to intrude and control, enables them to send the energy that is necessary to the appropriate point exactly, through the corresponding centre, and immediately balance any disfunction. The restoration of the energy disfunction apparently also restores its corresponding material manifestations later on, the time needed though for this varies, depending on many parameters. Jesus minimized this time, and his healings were immediately visible on the earthly level as well.   

We should urge the "patients" to abandon any notion of "taking part" in the restoration of their energy balance, because this may ultimately prevent the stimulation of the necessary centre and the energy can be diffused or transmutated, unless they themselves are capable of "cooperating" in the right direction.

Every person can concentrate on his energy centres and enhance them with the inflow of universal energy; let him know, though, that the transformation of this energy, namely the functioning of the centres, is not a matter of an order of the mind, but a result of working on corresponding experiences.

59. The mental trials and tribulations someone may be going through, look like physical exercise: it benefits his overall entity, just like physical exercise benefits his body. Modern people, who have forgotten physical fatigue, usually suffer from excessive indolence and this has implications not only on their material but also on their "spiritual" body.

The same goes for mental exercise; it helps the soul to "work out ", not slacken, be in readiness, check its principles. Because people are not in the position to know with precision and objectivity their situation and what is necessary for them in order to improve themselves, they turn to trainers, coaches, and ask them to put them in some exercise program. The same applies to the spiritual field: people turn to "trainers of the soul", to Masters and Guides, to guide them in the exercise of their souls. So, the way they show confidence in their physical trainers and do not complain because they feel pain during the exercise, is also what they should do towards the spiritual trainers: to trust that this "program" is the one required for the improvement of their particular situation, and when they feel pain or fatigue, not to doubt and not to give up. Because this pain is necessary in order to train their soul and enable it to face the demands of the circumstances.

This is the significance of faith in the Masters' Guidance. They know the particular conditions and they also know which "exercises" will be more effective. Yet, how easily people trust other people, who simply have one more knowledge credential, and they distrust the Masters ...

Physical pain, like each and every unpleasant feeling respectively, signals a wrong psychic direction. This may be reflected in the body too, with the appearance of a disease or remain only on a mental-emotional level. Then the coordination with the correct vibration must return, which usually moves evolutionally (from lower to higher levels) through the initiative of the lower self, and its results appear in reverse order – therefore they appear in the body last. Time decreases the more advanced the person is and can reach "automatic" changes in the body, i.e. to have a "miracle". 

We should remember that the body can be "anaesthetized" by the disengagement of the mind from the source of the pain. It is also important for someone to be able to differentiate himself from the suffering body, by remembering that this is a completely temporary and partial realization of the cosmic soul, therefore no kind of identification exists with this body. Pain is the signal the body emits in the case of danger and is dictated by the instinct of survival. Thus, it must have these dimensions only, and not become the centre of a person's attention. After man accepts, realizes the signal of his body and thanks the pain that helped him understand that somewhere "damage" is imminent, he ought to disperse his attention from the specific point and proceed to his next step.

Illness is often the penalty, the punishment we ourselves impose on our self, because we fear that it does not correspond properly to what we know. The body falls ill because the burden we impose on it, exceeds its power. We ask too much of it with the result of "burning" it. Our body knows and insists and we can decode; suffice we do not turn a deaf ear. Let us accept this as natural, because it is not possible to proceed that quickly.

Kleitos (...)
is gravely ill. He was struck by the fever
that decimated Alexandria this year.
What's more, the fever found him morally exhausted.

We should not forsake our self even when it is very sick, because then it needs us the most. There are no mistakes when the orientation is the work of God. He, who is strong, does not fall into errors; the ones that do appear are not punished, they just attest the way. As long as life exists in the body, mistakes are acceptable, but as we go ahead, the time needed to correct them as well as their impact grows, in order to realize more quickly. Allow errors to prepare us for our advancement into Love; and let us accept this Love silently and noiselessly, it is just as difficult as giving it ourselves.

When we have learned to dominate any situation, when we have such self control as to know what is correct and materialize it, then we will be able to heal the body as well, because then all the natural forces will obey us.

There is no aging in the Universe, but transformation and that is how we must face the evolution of the body and not intervene with unnatural ways of its suspension, because in that way the only thing caused is an imbalance in the bodies and a binding on a mental level.

The ageing of my body and my countenance
is a wound from a hideous knife.
I have no power of endurance at all.
Unto you I turn, Art of Poetry,
that knows a little something about drugs;
attempts to numb the suffering, through Imagination and Word.

Let us seek the soul's youth in creative deeds. Evolution begets ever higher vibrations that "colour" the external body with eternal youth and beauty. Keeping pace with one's own evolutionary stage, on all levels, is a blessing: knowledge is the drugs, the Art of Poetry brings, the understanding and faith in the Plan and the will of God is the essence prepared according to the formulas of the ancient Greco-Syrian wizards.

When the old man contemplates on the share he still has in youth, he realizes that youths are moved by his own manifestation of what is beautiful and that his visions pass before their spirited eyes.

In their bodies wasted and aged
sit the souls of old men.
Yet how piteous the poor things are
and how bored with the miserable life they lead.
How they tremble for fear they lose it and how they love it
the bewildered and contradictory
souls, that sit – tragicomic –
in their aged worn-out hides.

Death for His people is none other than a step that will lead them to resurrection. Death alone is not a state but a stage. For His beloved ones there is only life, joy, light, day. They go through the opposites but they know that these are only a minute in eternity, a dream within reality.

His beloved ones do not fear the dark, because they know that both inside the light and inside darkness they will find Him just the same. His beloved ones believe that inside the silence of sorrow too, He speaks to them again, just as before. His beloved ones see His presence both in rough as well as in calmed sea.

There is no present or future that is not determined by Him, that is why they are not afraid. Deep in their heart that experiences the storm they keep the lantern of His presence alight. Then pain is not reality; then pain becomes a boost which marks the beginning, the new birth, and disappears.

Whoever walks with Him walks in the eternal Light, the unsurpassable Joy, the ceaseless Day!