As we too phrased the olden words in another way


65. The world is one and a unique image of the same Principle and its Laws are irrefutable and all-embracing. He, who will know the Laws, will know the very Beginning of the Universe.

The whole knowledge originates out of one and a unique Source. That is why people ought to return to the Total Knowledge, the one Science, the overall view. So far, they have managed to become divided and split the Truth and, of course, insist on the partial. Yet, in that way they will never be able to touch the Essence.


Each land has its distinguishing mark.

But as its distinguishing marks, Athens
has Man and the Word.

The words of Jesus are filled with messages of euphoria. Let us study the Scriptures. Hellenism and Christianity are two very strong Initiations; let us go back to their Sources, let us keep them by our side.

Ancient Greek mythology contains many symbolisms we can keep ourselves occupied with. Ancient Greeks were an enlightened people, who lived in a favourable era, as many Masters were close by the Earth, at that particular longitude and latitude. Sciences were also found to flourish and many questions can be answered if one looks back to these sources. It is important for modern Greeks to get to know that particular period of their History, which is why today many people are involved with great affection for it.

Let us also open up the texts of the Masters, as conveyed by Blavatsky, Bailey, and so many other disciples; the "Initiation" by Elisabeth Haich, Mother Gavrilia's "the Ascetic of Love". Let us listen to their Voice in Basilides' dictation to Jung; in the letters they dictated to Roger de Pins. Let us meet up with Their Word, as conveyed to the world of people by the Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov himself, or Master Rampa, who came from the Powerful and Holy Land. These Masters are still close to Earth and are included in the mission of the Hierarchy concerning Earth.

Let us study the insights of the "The Celestine Prophecy" and work on them practically. Let us look into fairytales, allowing the language of symbols guide us to the unsurpassable truths.

Whatever we portrayed as beautiful and correct,
the enemies will prove to be ludicrous and superfluous,
repeating the same things differently (without much effort).
As we too phrased the olden words in another way.

Wherever we may seek the Truth, we will find it undivided and unique – suffice we are seeking it with a spirit of convergence. The New Age will be marked by the Knowledge that will accompany Faith in People's hearts. We, people, shall carry on along the rugged road, feeling confidence in His Presence, which is the Second Coming within the Soul.

Humanity will discover that the Laws are principles of the Eternal Movement, and that Metaphysics, as they call it, by no means accidentally, is what will be discovered, or rather re-discovered by the science of Physics. The road is one, and the path carved, and the principles have already been incubated in the spirit of the researchers.

The world in the New Age will discover the Esoteric Path. Through silence and unobtrusiveness, it will be led back to primary life, that which it lost when the waters covered the surface of the Earth. However, those who left, did so only physically, and left humanity to travel the way again from the beginning, so as to avoid the same outcome this time. Technological maturity was unable to prevent a fatal development, that is why psychological maturity is now needed. Those people come back to cancel the bad result, and to be able to pass the Gates of Heaven again. This is what the "original sin" is talking about symbolically: people's psychological immaturity that led them to their destruction at that time, not totally of course, but a reduction to a starting point from which, through a new route, they could find Terrestrial life again as it functioned before, namely to return, symbolically, back to Heaven.     

The time has come for this new path to be carved. Through us all who function, consciously or not, at this level, the will to return to the "in His likeness" will take action. You see, man kept the "image" to guide him in the difficult initial stages of the effort for evolution from the beginning, upon the remains of a life, which was erased through huge natural disasters.  

Commenting on a book of Ruskin, the Poet wrote:

This speed and the many and wonderful inventions are not redundant. Ruskin makes the mistake of considering them as the end, whereas they are only a means. And they serve this Utopia of his. "The step of the clouds", abbreviating distances and increasing and accentuating people's solidarity, quickens the coming of the kingdom – "Kingdom of peace" – which was prophesied by the poets of past centuries and for which the poets of today are still waiting, full of hope, with eyes fixed on the horizon, where one morning golden towers and walls of gold will come into view.

The New civilization will be reborn in its homeland.

Let us get to know and love this homeland, the country we chose for earthly mother, as a cradle of a higher Communion. The new people are already being born and have been born in this specific era, because it is the Age when the Memory will be awakened, and the barrier of Time will break.

In this New Age the gap, which greed and selfishness created in Time will be healed. The Beast is the cumbersome Matter, which bound the Spirit and deprived it of its capacities of access in Time-space. Those who do not know the Immortal, will fight on the side of stagnation, but the wings will be given to those who defy fear and open their eyes to Infinity.

Many bright Spirits are already working so as to guide the mortal species back to its beginnings. Many will work at the base, without being noticed. And when the base is consolidated, then the wave of transformation will surge, that will look like a new Cataclysm, to clean up the lands where the Sons of God used to live before, as a nation of Giants. Then, the Return to the Promised Land, the Land of Light, Hellas (= land of sunlight) will have been completed. Then, Helios (= the Sun) will return to Earth. Then, the voices will cease and the Word will be heard. Then, everybody will be rebaptized with the names of the Truth, and Thought will be transparent, as it was before it hid inside the darkness and opacity of the Mind. Then, eyes will determine motion.

The "Kings", who fled to the Solar System, will be re-established in the common body of the Nation. It is not that long until Tranquility returns.

Let us seek the Truth where its sign exists. Let us forsake our self and devote ourselves to the road. Soon there will be no mystery, because Science will be revealed in its entirety, meaning the Knowledge of the Entire World.

66. The messages of the Masters to the world of people grow and more and more people will perceive their presence. They will interpret it as the Voice of the Angels, or the voice of (their) Self, or a sign of God, or Jesus' return, as He had foretold – and all these are correct.

The distribution of balance will change. The silent Force will manifest itself. The new Tree will spread out deep roots in the ground and the rain will strengthen it until it becomes tall and strong.

Let us believe nothing other than the words of Jesus, the words of God. It is easy for the seed of panic and despair to grow in the soul whose soil is fear; therefore, let us not fear and not get carried away by the words of the pseudo-prophets and allegedly interpreters of the holy Word.  

Whoever thinks he knows the Way of His Reappearance, he is the one far from Him, because nobody knows the steps of the Being on the tracks of His Father's Creation. Whoever expects to recognize His New Face among the darkness of violence, he is the one who has no eyes to face Him. Whoever preserves fear and anguish in his heart, he is the one who has not made the cradle where He will be reborn.

Together cried the multitudes, one voice :
"Almighty, thou art good and merciful.
Restore our minds to darkness, but vouchsafe
The essence of our life, the light of day!" -
And the Spirit answered : "Be it as ye will.
Behold, no longer is the Sun obscured." -

The field is moistened by the storms, covered by the hard snow and preyed on by the wild winds, to purify the soil where the fruit of Aquarius will sprout. Aquarius will be the new king of the Lions that will defeat death again, as known by modern man.

And then we will stand still.
It will be the time for gods to work.
Gods always come. They will descend
from their machines, and some they will save,
others they will violently, suddenly
expel; and when they bring some order
they will withdraw.

The enormous, towering walls,
which imperceptibly shut man out from the world are transformed into golden walls. The great gates of the universe, which four bright angels guard, are opened wide.  

This age is an age of Birth. It is not the time for profit but for investment. Our effort has special value now that the circumstances are obscure. Let us hear within us the new which is coming. When it speaks to us, let us not refuse it; besides, everything has begun to form the final configuration. As long as our choice carries on, the Birth continues to be routed on the higher planes. The people who will collaborate in the rebirth, approach us. We see it and we should expect it. Let us talk to those who ask us to, through our words the new world, which will shortly rise, will speak. Our work will be foundational, without it being about a rally of a practical nature, however. We throw the seeds of awakening and they germinate.

Certainly and regrettably, the Colony has many absurdities.
However, is there anything human without imperfection?
And after all, look, we are going forward.

We ought to steel our character and allow ourselves to reach the Supreme Communion with those who guide us; train our mind to be silent when the inner feelings speak, because they bring us close to the Truth with which we ought to live. Among everything that appears in our way, let us trust first and foremost the Voice that connects us to those who wish for mankind to return to its primary bliss.

Let us not seek in external organizations, because there, it is not easy to find the pure, crystal clear light that guides us. The course of the true Warriors of God's Love is where the Sun illuminates without shadow.

Let us follow in the steps one by one, without haste, because the edifice of the New Age should be based on solid foundations, which will not be shaken again, as the power of the people grows. And we ourselves must acquire absolute control over our self, support him so as not to be overwhelmed by the vibrations of the birth of the New.

Wherever there is the path of God imprinted, nothing can be an obstacle. Let us trust that everything that has been foreseen will be materialized easily when the right time comes. Until then, we should let go in the present and let us experience it with certainty and ease, because whatever the Word has said, it already lives behind our eyes.

Let us pray for bright spirits to be incarnated on Earth, which will mark the road towards Completeness!

The time of the Light approaches.