2. "Live every single moment"

"Live every single moment" means remove wishes and "goals" from your life and learn that whatever comes along is equally important since you know so well that you control nothing, you determine nothing, you choose nothing. Consequently, never exaggerate when defining your wishes because it is as if you have killed them before they are born. You simply, are. OTHERS determine the important things of your life since the only important thing for you is YOUR existence ... through HIM ... only HIS joy is real, everything else is patterns of your mind, deceptive ones.

Everything is made out of moments but we think that they have duration. This is just another of our many illusions. Why do I get carried away even though I already know that? My ups and downs become insignificant when I don't give them emphasis; therefore I'd better tune in to another station and that's it.

We all seek the reason for our existence and when we find it we once again seek other things, more difficult and deeper ones. So, peace of mind never comes and we are left with a subtle uneasiness and sorrow. When shall we finally discover what our eyes and our senses cannot spot?

Now everything in my life has a different colour and a different value. Whatever I took for granted, now seems to have been given to me for the first time. Everything has a magical perfection and everything radiates a unique light and colour as if freshly painted.

There are infinite paintings of unbelievable beauty around me, which I simply did not see in the past...