4. You expand, so you encompass everything, you shrink, so you fit everywhere


For sure everything changes, the way you see, you hear, you understand ... that's the aim of life ... experiences, joys, sorrows, loves. This is what one learns by living and walking in the path of His choice. The worst thing would be for us to remain still. Only the Masters remain still, who have solved the small and have discovered the eternal truths which have not been altered through time and space, because the Masters exist beyond and above them.

I'm reading the book of the beloved Master*, "The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil". All the truths together, given in the simplest form, what a joy!

The capacity to see things differently through time makes you endure and think that more changes fit into your perception. You expand, so you encompass everything, you shrink, so you fit everywhere. You gradually fight your selfishness until you extinguish it and therefore you cut your ego into pieces. It is your ego that is making it difficult for you to rise and discern the likeness within each and everyone. How much do we humans do within one and only life ... still we often think that nothing is achieved, that we haven't done anything well because this whole work is invisible, it doesn't have material substance...

* Omraam Michael Aivanhov