5. I'm grateful to have entered His light ...


In the past, when mist covered our eyes concerning all the issues that preoccupied us, the mind was seeking concrete truths.
Now that the mind has broadened its horizons, it realizes that nothing is so simple and that there are hidden truths about everything for those people who seek redemption!

So with His help we also consciously entered the path of knowledge, with awareness and experiences! He was always on our path, but we simply were not ready to accept Him ... Now everything seems natural, whereas in the past we would have thought that something was wrong with our mental balance ... So, do you see how methodically the truth is presented to human beings? How can you not believe, how can you think that everything might be a deception?

The weather has softened, expectations have mellowed, hope has taken on a colour! Our hearts are becoming increasingly larger, and thus accommodate more people, becoming more and more pure and so, through their filter, they purify whatever is desperately trying to infect them. Nothing is able to pull them back!

I look outside and see everything more clearly, reborn, sinless. Winter has torn them apart and now the liberating spring has brought them back to reality. Just like us, too ... after endless mist and storms, I think we have now reached the eternal Spring He promised us!

I am happy to have been able to perceive His way before leaving this earth. I am grateful to have entered His light and this is the most real thing I have felt up until now.