7. I have said everything before,
I have felt everything before


Everything changes; even the large become small when time contributes to their distancing.

What remains the same is the loneliness of the soul, which I have carried since I was a child like an old man full of experiences... No man can fill you with what is inside you from your birth ... Refreshing moments are those when our opinions coincide  with some select ones we come across ... This comes in small portions, so you don't become addicted and think that life is easy ...

An incredibly sweet hour, before night falls ... a quietness as if everybody has stopped making a fuss, in case they ruin the beauty everybody is looking for, usually in the wrong way ... Even my animals are so quiet, as if they are meditating. I wonder how far their instinct reaches...

I feel like a guest in this place, but where is the host? I'm doing everything I can in order to please him ... but again I don't think it is enough ... I don't know how much time I have left ... But when I'm standing in front of Him, I want to look Him deeply in the eyes, I neither want to feel fear nor shame, I simply wish to tell Him that I have taken care of "His House" the best I could. But even this is not enough for me ... What else do I want?

I didn't have anything different to tell you ... I simply wanted to talk to myself. I don't throw away anything that I'm writing to you any more, because I know that nothing is wasted. Everything is equally beautiful and ugly at the same time as long as you reach nowhere. With love, once again.