14. How far apart are the "early" and "late" ?


I see a window resembling a frame, pitch black within the frame, and around it broad white light like lightening that comes before the eye can catch it ... It's as if they are telling me look within yourself and then you will see whatever you wish ... Mysterious things ... They confuse me but little by little they will be unravelled. So, the dark part is me and not what is around me ... and I who thought I knew myself ... I know the surface, the easy stuff, I miss the difficult part ... I'm constantly given signs in order to be told truths. I am glad I have begun to see them and they do not go unnoticed anymore.

When I am alone, or so I think, I get lost in a cloud of non-existence which seems both real and absurd.

It is dusk ... the birds have ceased singing; it is because they felt the sun disappear ... But still, before it hid from them, they praised it!! and when it re-emerges in the morning they will sing for it again. How much more do they know for God to have granted them the wings of freedom?

When does one have the good fortune not to come back? I guess when one has a wonderful time when here. Therefore, the path is long for me ... don't laugh! I think that when someone gets to feel equally well here and above, then the time has come for him not to feel the need to return. Therefore, who can feel this life like paradise? Only he who lives everything without being touched by anything, or be a part of anything, without emotionally identifying with whatever happens ...  the path of awareness seems endless ... will we ever get there?