15. A word of understanding ...


A word of understanding and the soul is sweetened ... I heard such a word this evening from a "stranger" and I was sweetened and quietened. By this "stranger" I mean bearing no relation to the events of my life, who certainly is not familiar with even the half of what's going on. I don't want a reward, no ... I sometimes need understanding, however.

Life is so difficult sweetheart ... the moments when someone listens to our concerns and empathizes with our wounds, are rare ... What can I say ...  it seems that I'm growing older and my sensitivity increases ... endurance gets weaker, my absolute attitude towards behaviours and events is eliminated.

I learn while aging ... fortunately, because people often harden over the years. I became putty again as when I was a child, and this is a good thing because I allow my shape free. Until I leave, I may change into a thousand forms, but it will always be me since all my experiences will be shaping my form which will be slowly approaching transparency. Only through it the many people close to me will remember me the way they had learned to see me.

But what does it matter, because I feel I've taken up residence in their souls, which are also without shape and body. In this way I am constantly beside them, within their most valuable possession ...  their self ... I am their extension and they are what has expanded me.