21. We are on the same page with others

I haven't been able to concentrate for days ... write ... think ... be silent. So that's why I am left empty when I do not dwell within myself for soul searching and peace. All these previous days were full of people and tiring jobs. I think that a time of greater concentration is starting now, and frankly I have missed it lately. So I let my mind go free here and there and I easily become spaced out. Honestly, how much do I seek myself every time "others" drain my energy ...

Shortly, with my escape I will find time and colour to recharge. I will be near you ... I will change frequency ... my eyes will be filled with images of other beloved people too!

I'm in a hurry to get there, just to see you again. Ultimately, the greatest joy in life is when we are on the same wavelength, on the same frequency. This is what makes you want to live because there are others who are on the same page ... there are also others who share the same heartbeat in an utterly coordinated way ... there are others who love like you and weep like you for a million reasons. What would life mean without them?

Sweetie, thank God I have you ... You think of me, you sympathize with me, you understand me. You are the very best in this general mental hardship that I' m going through, just like all of us. You see, I chose you ... I remember you ... I have loved you from the beginning ... since always, with all the forms and laws of each epoch. Physically I am tired. Perhaps it's the soul that gives these signals to the body, which protests, hurts and seems to bend for a moment. You see, it's been fifty years in circulation, a number that justifies the wear and tear to my engine. It's not so bad there are more difficult things you may say.