22. It is the gift they gave me


Sweetie, last night I was thinking of the love I feel for you ... It is great but still immeasurable ...  it is wide yet still expanding. It makes me emotional and stimulates me in a strange way. This is the highest quality of love that I'm aware of, you are myself, that keeps on surprising me. This love has no boundaries or colour, and so it remains unchangeable. It doesn't have ulterior motives thus it is freedom! It is love in all its glory and lives forever. It is the way we should come to love all people some day. It is love that makes you feel wholeness because it is returned to you. I am fortunate that the time has come for me to become able to feel such a wonderful feeling for a human being ... It is the gift they gave me, after the great "losses" of my life. I am grateful for what they made me feel.

Sweetie, I am writing what I feel because it is hard for me to describe it orally. I think of you all the time and "send" you the utmost pure essence of my heart to protect you.

When I speak with you and reveal myself to you, it is as if I speak with Him! When I write to you, I do it in order to communicate better with Him (and obviously you are the reason I do it). He sent you to me in order to lead me to Him, the way my own perception demanded it ...
That is why I found myself in our relationship and I humbly felt a piece of His love! Through Him the most beautiful things happen in my life. Through Him I found you, my children, nature. In His Truth I found myself!