24. The truth will come out of nowhere

Revelations and glaring reality will reach us when you do not need words and analyzing ... I've always believed that ... 

As for us, we have not yet reached the state of "I am" ... because when you "are" you don't need to mention it ... We seek the shadows of our truth ... For that to happen we need to set ourselves free in our own reality, without relying on rules given to us, no matter where they came from ... The truth is worthy when it comes effortlessly, out of nowhere, because it only springs from within us, without any external intervention.

Symbols are given to us so that we start working, by admiring some people who gave light and wisdom to the world. On the way we let all the symbols go and find our own truth. This truth cannot be explained because it IS and whatever IS neither needs rules nor any explanation.

The fact that nothing is ever enough for us, makes us restless but very daring at the same time ... so we search everything around us to finally find only that part of the truth and to the extent He allows it!

You know, my little one, the more "I age", the more I believe that everything here is a dream - projections of our mind and our imagination ... that is why we so badly misjudge everything that we love, because the structure we made was not real. I hope that Life and Truth come afterwards, because the war, sweetheart, has crushed us!