25. We build in order to demolish,
       or the solitude of abstraction

It is during the productive years that man is more physical ... then the opposite begins: he discovers the child he lost, and becomes a "child with knowledge" again, if it is his destiny ... he becomes a soul all the more! Therefore, he builds during the "productive years", so as to demolish during the coming years, as long as he has the courage ...

For many years we collect, and at some point we remove everything we have so painstakingly gathered, because we simply realise how absurdly we have loaded our mind - and not only that - with unnecessary things, views, feelings, people ...  the same thing happens internally and externally, just to cover our self. Until consequently, some day, we will seek our self. But in order to find it we must get rid of emotional baggage, sometimes a painful process, it cannot be done otherwise ... then we remain "naked" ... we are lonelier than ever and that is true solitude: the solitude of abstraction, removing things, ideas, people, feelings. We keep ourselves only, knowing that everything else existed in order to bring us to this Point. 

Wanderers in a life filled with everything, we absorb everything until we understand that this is how the game is played for all of us; this is what happens in all lives ... not to mention that lately some moments I think that I myself exist in the lives of others. I identify myself with everything more than ever ... whatever I may see or hear seems known to me, as if I have experienced it or I am experiencing it at that moment. Perhaps I am more open, more tender ... especially to injustice which has disturbed me most ever since I was a child.