28. Mr. Grammatikakis' book*

Everything here where I live helps for thoughts and emotions of all kinds. I'm reading Grammatikakis' book and while everything is falling apart, everything is re--built! Analysis changes the scenery all of a sudden because the scientific aspect is so far away from "God" ...  It gives you answers ... solutions, and you find yourself hovering truly abolishing the old and new ties. Of course, new questions arise as soon as you touch on their solution.

You suddenly learn the exact elements of creation and so you acquire another sense of the miracle that is happening. It is as if you care more about the accuracy of the elements and lose the joy of the perfection of the construction.

Conscience, how is the conscience created? What invisible elements does it need? What proportion of positive and negative energy?
* George Grammatikakis, "Coma Berenices".