29. Meditating ...


Meditating means that I remember without using logic ... not literally but I think this is how it is ... you let yourself go free into inner thoughts set by memory alone ... you take endless journeys into "time" which you only remember dreamily.

Meditating is the moment of silence and truth which you have covered with concrete situations and things you see and touch.

Meditating is the abstract you lost and emptied of feeling ... It's the real you abandoned when you were brought down to earth willy-nilly.

Meditating is the state of mind without rationalization. It is the mind without schedules and forms.

Only then do you not feel sorrow ... only then do you touch the eternal, the immortal ... the beauty! When silence takes you to magical images, where infinity freely gives you incredible colours and mysterious sounds, then you have come close to the heaven you dreamt of, close to the truths you are looking for, to the justice you carry inside.

Justice is found only where human beings have given up matter. This is what you remember, this is what you are trying to find on this earth that hurts you.