30. It's time for me to learn how to keep silent!

How many congratulations have we received for the gift of the mind, but has anyone ever been awarded for the gift of intuition;

Now we are struggling to put aside the mind with its exaggerations and strengthen our intuition. Intuition which we have so much neglected and therefore it abandoned us, refusing to return as long as we underestimate it. What could it do when its place always remained empty? How could it fight the rationalists?

It's time for me to learn how to keep silent! Only when I keep silent do I discover myself! Only then are my concerns appeased, only then will my veins stop pulsating, because the conflict ends and everything is nature ... God, I am all!

There is no need to keep records ... no need to think. All you need is silence ... without sight ... without sound ... only silence, which places you in its tracks and takes you wherever the mind can't go, the eyes don't see, the ears can't hear. 

Silence, a priceless treasure, often elusive under the circumstances we have learned to live with. Too much talk over nothing. Too much description without any meaning!