31. A small "exercise"

I'll describe a "personal" exercise on fear to you.

Just before falling asleep, as thoughts were becoming hazy, I heard an "inner" noise as if something was breaking ... automatically I woke up completely and my mind tried to understand what that noise was ... but I knew deep down in me that this noise was from within ... curiously enough I didn't panic ... I let myself go ... I detached myself from whatever would go on from then on ...


Then as if someone was softly pushing me back into my body ... once again I didn't react, just observed my feelings ... I was sure I wasn't in danger ... certain I had nothing to do with anything that may follow.

After a short while, I absolutely knew that I had undergone a small exercise of self-control ... it was the first time I had observed myself being so safe and calm ... it didn't take me long to sleep.

Just before falling asleep, I speak to you with my eyes.